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    Boy oh boy where do I start?
    has anyone successfully received support from this group of idiots?
    I have literally been chatting /calling /emailing these fuckers all week to try and help me transfer a game from 1 account to another origin account and they act like its some sort of nuclear launch code im trying to get at.
    No shit i have literally been on hold with this support number for OVER 4 HOURS AND NOONE HAS ONCE SAID A WORD TO ME.
    I keep opening live chats to talk to anyone who may be able to help me but they all just say to call, I call, noone answers. I send a ticket to have them call me at their earliest convenience  guess what, 1 week later isn't convenient enough I guess.  This last asshole I chatted with told me that i have to press the right buttons to be connected to a game advisor on phone support tree.  When he said that I felt as though he was whipping his dick out and slapping me in the face with it.  Fuck this shit.  Fuck EA, fuck Origin, i want to drive down to their headquarters and just beat the shit out of people until I get support.
    EDIT: On hold trying to talk to someone right now, hold time so far on just this call - 20 minutes - noone has even \\
    answered yet.
    I implore anyone to try and reach support from this number - 1-866-543-5435, we could have a little mini-game to see who gets a real human on the other end first -_-


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