EA MMA f******g rules stoned with your brother

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  1. I copied and pasted this out of my stoner journal because I'm fuckin' lazy. But yeah read it, man. I hope this makes sense.

    Counterstruck but he knocked me out after an awesome fight.
    Counterstruck, rocked him but then he fucking rocked me and dropped me.
    First round was crazy, we both rocked each other. I let him up from the ground when I was SCHOOLING him and nearly had an armbar. He dropped me and pounced and let me up in respect. In the second round, we exchanged a lot and I knocked him down and passed to mount but didn't hit him.
    Those were all Fedor vs. Monson. Sam Fedor, me Monson.
    Fitch vs. Woodley.
    Awesome first round, lot of bad blood. He dropped me and let me up. Wanted to knock me out. Probably 10-9 Sam. My face was a mess. They might stop it. The second round was a crazy war, we both rocked each other twice, he dropped me at the end of the round, broken nose for him, I rocked him with a high kick. Cut under my right eye. The third round was crazy, he was rocking me the whole round, I got some ground work in, he rocked me three times, dropped me three tims and I finally dropped him with a high kick out of nowhere and got the victory. He wanted me to get up so he could knock me out.
    We fought a more cautious first round of the rematch. We were both getting tagged. I was landing massive shots though, and I was edging ahead in a very close round. I rocked him with a massive combo and dropped him and pounded him out.
    Melendez vs. BJ.
    I fucked him up early, with uppercuts and straight rights, fast fucking hands. Walking through his jab. Unbelievably fast. His nose was broken. He started swinging back. Tired swings but hard. Rocked me, dropped me, TKO.
    I was Melendez. I was fucking him up standing, dropped him three times, let him up. He quit out of the game.
    Wanderlei vs. Bas.
    I got a flash knockout, dropped him, pounced brutally pounding in under. Knockouuuut.
    I came in arrogant for a twenty-second knockout, he dropped me and finished me there. Knockouuuuut.
    We fucked each other up, he got three KDs, I got two. Cuts under both eyes. The second round was back-and-forth, dropped him twice, kept coming in with hard flurries, eventually knocked him out cold with a left hook right uppercut combo.

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