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e652 15 morphine extended release question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ryano85, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. i just got a few pills, there blueish-green in color, on one side its e652 and the other is 15. i know there morphine extended release but i dont know how to take them for the most fun. im not gunna iv anything.. and i think snorting might be out of the question, i read they might gel up. an thoughts or knowledge on these would be great
  2. eat, plug, or throw away.
  3. plug.. as in put in my ass? ha

    also, eat.. as in chew em up, or parachute? will those be effective
  4. plugging would honestly be best because morphines oral bioavialibility is like 40% (not completly sure) iv is 100% and plugging is somewere inbetween but more bang for ya buck
  5. Yeah, plug it man. Morphine's oral BA (bioavailability, the amount of the drug that can easily/effectively be absorbed by your body) is fairly low, as the drug is subject to first-pass metabolism and some of it is destroyed as it works its way through your digestive tract.

    So, to get around that, you oughtta plug it up that kiester of yours and you'll probably feel much better much faster.
  6. alirght well, i might just plug it then.. would 30 mg be fine? i usually take 60mg of oxy, and is there a specific way i should do it? or just kinda shove it up there, ha
  7. cant really give dosage advice but u can always start off low and go higher u know.. thats probly good though. Not really a method to plugging that i know of but youll be glad you did
  8. Plugging them is most effective. Can't offer dosage but you can compare opiate dosages on erowid I believe, but oxy is going to be a more powerful drug.
  9. Theres two ways to plug,you could get a needleless syringe (like an oral syringe,i guess a medicine dropper could work to though) and crush the morphine up and liquify it,than shoot the liquid up your butt,or you could just shove the pill up there,the liquid one,which is basically an enema,would probally work better.
  10. Don't just shove the pill up your ass. Look up a guide on google, don't go wasting your good drugs by being stupid lol
  11. I've been using this site for info on weed, but I'll tell you about the morphine. First, extended release comes in either capsule(MS ESLON) or tablet (NS CONTIN). They range from 15-200 mg. in strenght. IRM morphine (IMMEDIATE RELEASE ) 5-60 mg. Check a CPS ( compendium of pharmeceutical supplies ) to be sure. I just did 100 mg. of MS ESLON and they are a gray and clear capsule with 100 on it. Whatever, know what you're doing BEFORE you do it. Play safe.

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