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  1. It starts this Monday, June 1st. Can't freaking wait, it going be much better then last year, obviously.
    I'm going take from couple sites and report here (copy n paste). If you guys like to share or spare your thoughts about it, put in here. :)
  2. Left 4 dead 2 looks awesome. I hope that doesnt mean that they will stop releasing DLC for the first one.

    Crackdown 2 trailor looked pretty sweet.
  3. I'm Super pumped for Halo: Reach!!!!! And ODST looks pretty sweet.
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    Wooooowww man I just tuned in a little while ago but Project Natal sounds fucking sweet! Fable guy coming up right now oh shit.

    Edit: Wow this is insane but it's kinda weird lol.
  5. Metal Gear Solid for the Xbox 360 now. Finally!!! but no Solid snake, the star is Raiden!!!
  6. I wish it stayed playstation exclusive. I think they pretty much played out solid snake. Raiden should be alright.

  7. Raiden is gonna be pretty sick IMO, solid snake is old and we need to see more of raiden.

  8. You relized that MSG 2 came out to xbox, years ago. I knew this was going happen.

    Not going post today because I'm super busy. Gonna miss the whole day of E3. :/ oh well, I'll surf through the web.
  9. Yeah im aware, I own twin snakes on gamecube lol. All im saying is it would have been nice if they started a ps exclusive trend with the new MGS.

    Ps3 needs all the exclusives they can get. New MGS would be a huge selling point.
  10. Finally got a release date for Alan Wake, game looks pretty interesting. the MGS game should be good but I'll probably pass on the halo games.
  11. Lol first FFXIII now MGS ps3 is getting fucked.
  12. Apb looks fucking sick!!!!
  13. APB looks amazing.
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    Halo odst, halo reach, mgs, modern warfare 2, ff13, blur and borderland are looking great! Can't wait.

    Can't believe that xbox360 are getting facebook and twitter. Xboxlive is gettin better and better then ever!
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  16. that shit is fucking insane:hello:

  17. oooh shit dude I can't believe I forgot about that. I watched it today and during the whole thing my mouth was wide open because it looks pretty fucking amazing.:smoking:
  18. If this works, it will be the illest thing EVA.

    Can anyone else say UFC with NaTAL controls????

  19. That would be pretty cool, but then what happens if the fight goes to the ground? haha am I gonna have to lay down and mount.

    Also I think it would be pretty sick for an action game, FPS too scan the gun and basically use it and shit. I don't know the future for gaming is getting pretty intense

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