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  1. Whatup people i just saw these 70 watt hps lights on ebay that claim to have a medium e26 base and work with any standard light fixture for $8. It seems pretty legit but idk if i believe it. Hps lights that work with no ballast?? That just seems to good to be true. Has anybody ever used these for their grow? I have heard that hps bulbs need an ignitor or some shit so how could this be possible? Also would it be a fire hazard? Im asking because if they do work then im going to order a couple to replace 2 of my cfl bulbs and do a cfl/hps grow because i cant afford a ballast atm.
  2. I think I found the bulb u where talking about.
    it looks legit enuf to me but it not stated for horticulture/ but it is 2000k if anybody knows forsure if there worth buying I too would like to know.
    I could see it getting hot and being difficult to cool tho
  3. Yeah its the same bulb i think but on ebay i checked the guys feedback and everyone gave him good feedback and said the lights work great so i guess i might as well buy it since its only $8.
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    Hmm I didn't look at the bulbs, but I can tell you I'm sceptical... an has bulb with no ballast? Blasphamy!

    If your looking for a solid intro light from the HID side of things, subleases and sunlight supply both have a 150watt HIS unit. It has a built in ballast and reflector and even comes with the bulb included. This is a great starter light for someone who is trying to move away from cfls. Low heat and low energy wattage, but the beast still gives you 16000 lumens.

    P.s. The sun leaves is digital and can run MH too!

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