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    I tried rolling a joint in this rolling paper the other night and it literally burned in two seconds. Like a piece of paper. I had to throw it down before it burnt my hand Lost all the weed...smelled horrible. What went wrong? They can't sell rolling paper like that, it doesn't make sense. Did I just roll it wrong? I put the grinded weed near the edge and rolled it up, just like a saw in all the YT videos (it was my first time with a joint). So... horrible rolling paper or my fault?

    I know this posts looks really stupid to a lot of you, but it's really annoying when you've been doing it for months out of a bowl, try this, and waste like $10 of weed....
  2. probably too loose
  3. Been using EZ's for years and never had any problems with them so I'd say you need to work on your rolling skills. I put it heavy in the middle and taper off a bit tward the ends. When I do my first pinch to get the rolling started, I do it from the middle and it evens out the weed in the joint. Keep it good and tight and it should burn fine. PS. I generally use the 1 1/2's and if you buy in bulk, they are pretty cheap. The additional width gives you plenty of paper to keep the roll tight. Try folding the paper up to the middle crease. That gives you 1/2 the paper for a trough to place your weed in. Once the weed is in, fold it tight and roll away. Like I said, I roll it between my fingers from the center out. Lick and seal. Your done. I don't think the blame belongs on the papers.
  4. any papers will burn very fast if you roll loosely, that being said EZs have a damn lot of paper (too much for my liking) and burn bit faster because of all the extra paper.

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