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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Searched didnt see nuttin on this shit before.

    Was at my liqour store after a fucked up day. Picked up a 2 liter of faygo and hes like 'that it"?

    Im like uhh, Hold on lemme check how ya blunts are. Checked selection nuttin caught my eye then hes like you seen these blunts cutters yet?

    Now this dudes a bussiness man type dude now but went to highschool with my pops way way back in southwest detroit. Southwestern high.

    So i know dude a lil but, He showed me it and im like dawg does it fit a rillo fine?

    He opended a swisher and showed me.

    Fuckin perfect.

    Shits tight main.

    2 dollars.

    Its about a third the size length wise of a bic lighter.

    Heres a pic (link cuz the pics big.) http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-77094551200065_2010_172952

    Shit works good main, I usually use a razor blade to cut em open but its much easier doin this, Its fuckin a peice of cake really. And if im faded as fuck sometimes my cuts be all zig-zagged, Usin this thing its gon be straight lines every time.

    Im diggin it for 2 dollars.

    Anybody else seen/used these?
  2. Never seen one, but I'm not a blunt man, myself

    How does it work? Tough to tell from the picture
  3. Havent seen em yet bt it looks on point.

    You just put the blunt through it? Like a razor inside or somethin?
  4. They sell em at the gas stations round here.

    Perfect cut every fucking time. Helps with those times when the Arab gives you a stale blunt.
  5. wtf you think you got fingernails for
  6. Its a little tube a little bigger then your average rillo but barley so a swisher/optimo fits perfect. And it looks to have jus a peice of plastic thats designed like a boxcutter blade so its like a lil slanted triangle inside that cuts it open.

    Slide the cigar through it without turning it and you got a flawless cut/seam to roll up.

    Im diggin it.

    Says they come in a size for the bigger cigars but round here rillos are almost the only boys sold so thats all he had.

    But shit i figure after a few hundred blunts the blade might wear and ill cop another.

    2 dollars even it was straight main.

    On a lil keychain and shits real discreet.
  7. Works 100 times better main.

    And i keep my shit trim, I dont do the pinky nail thang.

    Its a killer convience for 2 dollars, At first i was like shit i dunno about spendin 2 dollars on it but ive smoked 3-4 blunts since only cut with that and shits legit.
  8. I've seen those at the local shop I go to for glass, a few of my buddies bought em. I tried it once, they make it perfect, and I'd imagine every time.

    For 2 bucks they're worth it I'd say.

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