E, Weed, Bacardi and Cops!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. What a night!

    Well yesterday was my municipalities birthday (Pitt Meadows Day). It is basically used as an excuse to get fucked, and I took the oppurtunity with glee.

    My day started out pretty bunk, slept in and drove my mom into the city. On the ride we discussed marijuana, legalization and my interest in growing. She is cool with everything as long as I keep my grades up and find my way into College/University.

    Well onto the night. I went out around 5 and started drinking right away (2-6 of Bacardi), I drink a quarter of it and have to go meet up with a buddy to get a tab, for free I might add. I get back to the party and things are gettin lively. I pop the tab finish my 2-6 and leave to smoke a blunt. I get outside and the E really starts to kick in, by now I am fucked I don't even know how to explain what I felt but it was one of the most intense highs i've had in awhile. I pass out after taking two fat hits and stare at the sky for a little while until its time to go back in. Around 10 the party is broken up (fuckin nosey neighbors) but it all works out as the fireworks are starting.

    As we get down to the fireworks my high is at its peak, every hair on my body is standing on end and I am super sensitive to everything. Despite the normally happy state E puts me in I got angry, and I mean really angry I throw my phone and break the screen! This makes me more angry which leads to a little scuffle with a buddy, no biggie.

    As I am watching the fireworks about 10 cop cars pull up and start tryna round everyone up, remember 300+ people are at the fields and 75% of them are fucked on something. A paddy wagon rolls up and cops start arresting anyone they can get there hands on.

    Me being an idiot think it would be a good idea to start yelling, "Fuck the Po-lice!". Turns out a group were right behind me, one grabs my arm and asks me to empty my pockets. I take my cellphone out and my lighter but leave my bag of weed in my pocket hoping the cop doesn't search me, he doesn't! He then proceeds to say, "You know what disturbing the peace is?" I say no in a sarcastic manner and he says, "It's exactly what I am not arresting you for, now get the fuck outta here you jackass" (gotta love cops!). I take it and leave, I go home and proceed to smoke another blunt and take a few more shots.

    This morning was brutal, I was sore as fuck but I am feeling better now.

    But damn, what a night!

  2. haha intense makes me wanna smoke a blunt to the face right now
  3. ^^^^^

    No kidding...thats insane! Nice though, got away with it. cheers! :D
  4. Nice I love out witting the cops, like I told my friend to put my weed and scale in his pocket since the drug dog was coming, so he did the dog smelled the car found nothing and they said we could leave lol. They just were talking shit and I kept my cool but saying sarcastic shit, it was funny as hell. Even though they pulled me out of the car they never searched are pockets, cause I told them "I do not consent to a search" and hes like why not, i go "because this is america, and theres a thing called the bill of rights, Im sure you know about it?" which pissed him off but it was funny.
  5. probably not a good idea to yell fuck the police.

    maybe when you were running away from them you could have yelled that.

    nice job on getting away and also on not freaking out and just giving the cop the bag.
  6. Oh I agree but I was fucked. If I was sober things would of played out very differently...

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