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E + Weed = Acid

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by didier12, May 30, 2009.

  1. How did I not know about this So I was having fun on E for a while then 5 hours since I took it I realised it was weed time whilst still feeling the E a bit. Anyways it became exactly like acid intense closed eye visuals my friends face looked exactly like acid and I had the same mindset. However it seemed more positive without any fear and slightly more hazy like weed but seriously it was a mega cool trip the visuals were amazing.
    I even smoked some more the day after and it was like acid again fkn insane, anyone else get this?
  2. I def. don't think it resembles acid, I've had some mean visuals for sure but nothing like acid. Smoking weed while high on mdma most definitely does put you on a different level tho.
  3. Smoking at the end of an ecstasy high is incredible - Gets the "emotional" working again (the part where you like everyone) and in very rare cases slight hallucinations are definitely easier to attain when you smoke weed.

    It isn't surprising when I smoke a lot after a E or speed trip to get at the end the "morphing vision" effect. Although, it could be the pill was cut with anything from the 2c-x family.

  4. try acid + weed now.
  5. good lord man. its not even close.
  6. srsly, it's like saying jacking off and getting pussy is the same thing
  7. haha I was high and I did exaggerate it quite a lot lol, but seriously the visuals I had were like I'd been on acid for about 6 hours. Like the roof was moving and stuff and I had crazy closed eye visuals like numbers moving in rivers and these strange aliens on these rainbow motorway transporters. Plus my friends face looked exactly like it does when we are triping on acid.
    Perhaps I just had an acid flashback.

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