E liquid with shatter

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  1. I made some e liquid for my vape pen 1 gram of shatter to 31 drops of ej mix 3 hits your stoned works great.it has the consistency of honey it's not separating but for some reason after a week in the tank it darkened up on me ,but the other tank I made is still a lighter Amber color anyone know what could cause this? They were out of the same batch and filled at the same time

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  2. My vape E-juice does the same thing (though it's make from bud, not shatter). When a new tank is filled it's dark amber and after a while it becomes darker. I've also noticed a difference in taste as the tank gets depleted, though not unpleasant.
    I've not noticed any difference in the quality of the high, it seems to be purely aesthetic/taste.
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  3. Sounds sweet ! Iv never done it with shatter. I normally put grinded buds in the oven in a bowl for some time, then i put them in a jar with 100ml 90/10 VG strong liquid and seal the jar. After that, soak the jar in boiling water for some time. After it changes a color strain the grinded bud and VG/PG juice mixture threw a coffee filter until no particles are viable and after i give it some time to cool down, its ready to vape :volcano:
  4. Ninso a gram of shatter and 1ml of ej mix heat it up to 160 to bind them so they won't separate.. i heated the shatter when i made it to 220 for about 7 mins. The added it to the ej mix

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