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E-Juice and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Soulus_Ronin, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. So my brother and I have smoked together a few times, however each time he's had something that kind of ruined the experience for him and now he can't stand the smell or taste of weed. He loved the effects but just his power of association is a huge stumbling block and I feel bad that a missing out because of a few bad experiences. The only way he'll smoke now is with a cough drop and through my DEsktop EZ vape. I bought a vaporizer about a month ago but gave it to him to use for ejuice and a thought came to me. Is it possible to drop a few drops of ejuice on the weed so that it tastes better? Or just somehow using the ejuice as an additive to make it taste better?
    I've used these before:

    something like that is what you're probably looking for.
  3. Can you get those in stores? Or only online? Also I already have E-Juice, ones that you use in a regular e-cig and if need be I can buy those drops you suggested but If I can save money by usin what I already have I'd prefer that? So any word on the viability of dripping E-JUICE onto the weed
    do not put e-juice on your weed.
    the drops I linked you are specifically meant to go on dried herb.
    So, if you can find the kind I linked in a store somewhere, buy it. your best bet is online, check Amazon as well. they ship fast.
  5. Thanks bro that was precisely the answer I was looking for. I'll go scrounge up some money and try it out. Thanks again :)

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