E Harmony for AIDS patients

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  1. A dating site for people with AIDS or a STD that is not curable, that 's the billion dollar HIGH IDEA right there, too bad I don't have any boyz with computer skills
  2. Make sure to put a *All of the above box.... When choosing diseases.
  3. and especially have the *other* and *terminally ill so just hook me up with a fuckbuddy* options on there.
  4. This is fucked up.
  5. This chick came to my middle school in the early 90s to educate us about stds. She was a child of the sixties, passed out at Woodstock and woke up with a guy on her she didn't know. He said a lot of dudes had taken turns on her. She was a runnaway and was only like 14-15 at the time. She told us of how she'd been safe with all her partners after. How she met this guy, fell in love and one day, 8 or 9 years into their relationship, he wanted to NOT use a rubber. She was scared for HIS health, because she had known she'd contracted hepatitus at woodstock and he already knew it, but told her it was minimal at best that she'd pass on he disease, so she gave in.

    She started feeling Ill a few weeks later and went to the hospital for a blood test. When the test came back, she not only had hepatitis, she was now HIV positive, because he'd infected her. He did it knowingly. She got depressed, got heavily into drugs, yadda yadda....

    Bottom line, she was there to educate us and I think she succeeded in her goal. Not one of my classmates got pregnant in highschool. Just thought I'd share that story cuz I'm high as hell right now :D
  6. op, that's exists already. I don't remember what it's called, but it's out there. just google it.

    There are personals sites catering to all kinds of special groups -- even weed smokers, believe it or not.

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