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E-cigs and liquid THC

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LightningFreak, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. :wave:Has anyone thought of putting liquid thc in the atomizers for the e-cigs? I found a post on marijuana.com on how to extract thc in liquid form but not quite sure if they've completely mastered liquid thc in the atomizers yet,I didn't have time to read everything through, (Stay-at-home-mom with 2 small energetic kids):p but go check it out anyway, could be beneficial to someone like me who has serious problems with pain and cant take pills plus I wouldn't have 2 run back home 2 hit my vape everytime the pain comes back. Think about it, portable, odorless, inconspicuous. What's not to love? also, for e-cig users: they make blank atomizers as well now, i'll try 2 put both links here in this:smoking:

    THC extraction from Marijuana -------Thc extraction methods

    e-Smokey Treats - Electronic Cigarette's, The healthy alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette's -------This is where you can find blank atomizers

    E-Cigarrettes - Marijuana.com ----E-cigs and liquid THC threads from marijuana.com
  2. Have you read up on the iolite perhaps? Its a really small vaporizer about the size of a pack of cigarettes. I personally have never used but have heard many good things about it. It may help you out. The amount of herb you need to extract THC from would be very large and expensive. This thing costs $200-250. May be worth the money.:eek:
  3. We already spent a ton of money on the e-cigs on the way here and all the accessories, and you don't really need a large amount of bud 2 extract the thc, it can be as little as 1 gram, it's gonna go into an eye-dropper-like bottle anyway. check out the links I posted, if u go further down, MeatBucket gives u the modified method 4 extracting thc to make it work in e-cig atomizers, and he says it works! obviously, it was a self-test lol, I guess we'll never kow till we try it ourselves.
  4. That is an amazingly cool way to get high, you could have a puff on the e cig anywhere, no-one would expect a thing.
  5. Why must you smoke out of an E-cig? Just roll a j or a blunt and smoke that shit man!

  6. It's called discretion.

  7. Oh nevermind i see now.
  8. if you try this let me know if it works. sounds intresting

  9. I have one, I use it daily. Love it.

    I still love to smoke properly though
  10. I would have a few questions before I bought one. Like where are they made? China? As we all can remember, their safety record isn't so hot! If it were 100% manufactured in the US, then I would be a lot happier!

    Also what is the life expectancy of the rechargeable battery? How long does it last and how many recharges can it do? Would the batteries be like printer ink- ending up costing you more than the actual device?

    What temperature do they run at? Is the temperature compatible with vaporizing THC and other cannabinoids? How efficient is it? What are the odor levels like? Would you include instructions for making "alternate herbal extracts" to use and would you be liable when some idiot messes it up? If in California, (Gosh, I love it here in CA!) would you supply extracts? Would you also make CBD extracts?

    I imagine I could think of more, but that's a start.

    Granny :wave:
  11. Mine came out of canada, not sure about what temps it gets to, you can go to ePuffer Electronic Cigarette - The Original E-Cigarette Brand. to get the specs on it, in my first post, I gave links to someone who has tried it and made it work with e-cig atomizers.
    As for the questions in my other posts, I'm wanting to attempt this for freedom purposes, I'm about 2 be taking care of an 81-yr old woman in my house, so smokin reefer isn't feasible, and I don't wanna have to always run to my vaporizer when I need pain relief, and the guy who tested it on marijuana.com said no odors were emitted at all with his e-cig/liquid thc combo, he even gave a link on how to extract, and his modifications for the extraction to make it work in an e-cig atomizer..........the thread is by meatbucket on marijuana.com, here's the link once again so you can read the whole post, maybe he can give more helpful info.
    E-Cigarrettes - Marijuana.com

    damn stupid link thing isn't workin now, but just copy and paste this in you web browser and check it out. sorry i'm not as helpful, still doin some research.
  12. never mind, it did lol
  13. Combustion............bad 4 u! Fuck that lol........ anywho, no i'm only on this long enough to get to the surgery I'll have soon to have more adhesions removed...........fun! I can't take painkillers cuz the risk is waaaaay too high for my condition.........So to answer your question Granny, I don't think I'll be trying other atlernate herbal extracts, I live in shithole Georgia with nothing like that really, all my shit comes from the weed man lol:smoke:
  14. Yep.

    Propylene Glycol THC Tincture Recipe
  15. Has any1 done this with a lil bit 1-5g or so ?
    can you confirm it works ok ?
  16. i really want a e cig jus to have man there sick. pluss a pack a day cant be good for my lungs on top off all the weed
  17. i will be using the BLU e cigs with this liquid thc and if it works then:smoking: if it dont then i will tell u :(
  18. Porethoose never reported back =(
  19. The First man ever to OD on THC....:cool:

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