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E cigarettes and THC

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Vapinvixen10, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hi ALL! I am new to this Forum but definately NOT new to smokin.... I have been smoking Buds now for about 9 years. I have very bad (Diagnosed) OCD and I use the buds to control my rituals and such (not to mention being quite a MEAN person when im not high) I recently purchased an Ecig or Electronic Cigarette. I have been doing ALOT of reading about this subject and even saw someone had a "recipe" made and down to a science. I was just wondering if it is possible to convert Buds into THC Glycerin or VG... I would rather not use PEG or PG because I believe I have a slight allergy to them. Anywho... I need some advice and Help on an easy way to make this solution in my home. Partially to save some money because my weed habbit is getting wayyyy to expensive ( PS. I am a registered medical user in Colorado, Meaning I have my Weed card as some people like to say.. so I can get it from a dispensary regularly. However the place I go to now charges really close to street prices and is wayyy to rich for my blood. They have things for less but the potency is down and I dont get high off of it.) Anywho please help me figure out a way to do this! Who knows you might find a new way to smoke or Vape yourself! :) Also I am thinking this would be ALOT healthier way of getting just the THC. I want to be here for my kids in 50+ years!!
  2. hi, I am a new member here and I work for an e-cigarette company (full disclosure, I am a graphic designer for White Cloud Cigarettes).

    The fluid in e cigarettes as you know is predominately propylene glycol and nicotine. the propylene glycol is what gives you the nice vapor cloud. the more PG, the more vapor, but the vapor is not actually necessary for transfering the nicotine into your blood stream.

    Now, lots of people have been experiementing with the 3 part e cig vaporizers that allow you to add your own vape fluid and you certainly can make your own THC fluid in the same manner you would extract essential oils and add PG to the mix. (incidentally you can add a small amount of PG to your cannabis vaporizer (like volcano or table top) and you will tenfold increase the amount of vapor.. (doesn't change the amount of THC you intake however) I experimented at home with some materials from work.

    my advice, if you have you med card though is to skip your home recipes and try the VaporRush THC ecigarette, it's brand new in the last few months.

    Vapor Rush -Personal Vaporizer

    pretty cool! we had been chatting about this possibility here in the office for a couple of months, but since our corp offices are in Florida, we are a long way off from being able to produce one here at my company. Trust that many more Cali companies are watching Vaporrush CLOSELY to see how they do.

    Good luck brother! I smoke my ecigs everywhere, cant wait to get an e-blunt!
  3. Yea, ^^ i would just buy an MFLB.... my friend bought the green smoke e-cig and he managed to bust open a catridge without destroying its connection and attempted to add hash oil into the mix.... the cartridge didnt really go back together properly and it ruined the inside, it just didnt work right.... the MFLB... is pretty much... an e-cig for bud... only a bit different...i like it
  4. Any tampering with my company's e-cig will instantly void the warranty. I checked out the MFLB, it looks like a pretty good vaporizer for such a small package.

    Bonus that you can just pulverize your green and don't have to bother fucking up good bud trying to make an amatuer tincture.

    How is the MFLB for vaporizing indoor? could you use it in a bathroom at the mall without attracting too much attention? Does it smell like my table top vaporizer?

  5. good thing about the green smoke e-cig tampering, each cartridge that you tamper with, isnt part of the actual battery/connection and each cartridge costs about a dollar hahaha, the warranty covers the battery part.... either way, his battery and my battery broke during normal use and we didnt bother to replace

  6. I tried a recipe last night using a crock pot and some schwag that I got from a friend for free so it didnt matter if I effed it up.. It took pretty much all night but I got the mix right... I just used food grade Vegetable Glycerine and put the bud in about 5 hours later I used a cheese cloth to sift out the buds and let it cool and botteled it... WORKS GREAT!! i just put it in my ecig cart.. (I use the Joye 510 manual) So my tips are refillable neways... I was sooo stoned it was awesome! Also added a bit of chocolate flavoring and so it was like I was vapin chocoweed! :) :hello:
  7. Check out the harvesting section. There are people experementing with this. And in the seasoned tokers section, I belive somewhere there is talk about this.

    Long story short, it will ruin you're carts, but is possible.
  8. i have 2 pairs e cigarettes one is a crappy 3 piece set (volcano/blu) and one is a 2 piece from ecigsbrand.

    i think it would work well in the 3 piece set with the dipping method but with the 2 piece set using cartomizers i bet it would be awesome. who cares about clogging your atomizer when you can toss it when your done anyways.
  9. My understanding is that the resin from the THC clogs the atomizers very quickly. Its not so much of an issues ruining cartridges since many of them are designed to be refillable.

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