E-Cigarettes: A How-To With Canna

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    You asked for it, and you’re getting it.. a how-to, for using Canna Tincture, with Electronic-Cigarette Personal Vaporizers... and, a Fog Machine.



    Whether you’re trying to get healthy and avoid the nasty contents of the ashtray above,
    whether you're supplementing your smoking supplies, or you’re just looking for something
    a little different to break up the monotony of your smoking regime...

    These little babies, are the way to go.

    Using a bud tincture for some of the math we're doing here, but I would really recommend
    a hash tincture for e-cigs, as it's generally much, much more concentrated and contains fewer
    plant waxes and chlorophyll.

    It’s basically very simple, just so long as you follow a good tincture recipe… be on the look
    out, I’m posting mine shortly. If done right, 3 - 5ml tincture taken sublingually (under the
    tongue) will knock your socks off, but when vaped via an electronic cigarette, I find it
    takes only about half that to get me where I need to be.

    With hash tincture however, you can pack a lot more punch in your glycerin, minus the plant
    waxes and clorophyll that you get when using bud tincture. Vaping 2ml bud tincture in a larger
    machine is fast and easy, but in an e-cig you're going to want something more powerful and
    condensed, .5ml is about 15 drops, and should be more than enough to keep you going throughout
    the day. Hash tincture is easier on your atomizer as well.

    Bud/herb tincture is much better if used with a larger more powerful personal vape, and it will retain
    more of that 'weed flavor' people expect to taste which is, when the bud is good, a good thing. :)

    An electronic cigarette is made up of several pieces. I’m using a 3 piece 510 model, some
    of the older models had more pieces, some of the newer ones have less.

    Your basic components are: your cartridge, your atomizer, and your battery.

    - The cartridge, is where you insert your tincture drop by drop. One end attaches to the
    atomizer, the other end goes to your lips.


    - The atomizer, is the heated element that turns your liquid hash tincture, into vapor.


    - The battery is the longer portion of the electronic cigarette, some are manual as seen
    here, some are automatic. The difference between the two being, whether or not you need
    a button to begin ignition (manual), or simply the ‘draw’ of your breath (automatic). I
    prefer manual, as the autos are still a bit finicky.. they can go off in your pocket from
    noise, and from wind.


    Some newer models now contain ‘cartomizers’, or, carts that you use for your liquid and
    the atomizer, all in one piece. These form the 2-piece models. I have nothing against
    them, I just prefer the three piece at the moment.

    What we’re using today, is a simple, no-name 510 model. It’s a great starter piece, but
    I’d recommend that you upgrade to the thicker eGo, which is still very handy and portable,
    for the battery life. Or even better for home or even vehicle use, one of the various
    electric cigars, which are larger and less convenient, but generally have even greater vapor
    production, as they are the e-cig equivalent to the analog cigar.

    There are several companies available, they’re all basically the same, however there are
    fakes and knock-offs being sold within the US, and world-wide. Nearly all e-cig
    components are made in China, so don’t go thinking you need to avoid their parts,
    because it can’t be helped. They make the best e-cigs and the worst. It’s certain local
    vendors, that you need to be careful of. They come and go, so it’s best to check with the
    manufacturer to be sure who you’re buying from.

    My suggestion would be to find a reputable brand (Joye/Riva etc), and use one of their
    licensed vendors. Buying from an unlicensed vendor can get you cheap e-cigs, and some
    of them may certainly be healthy and functional, but there are many that look almost
    exactly like the legitimate copies, made with inferior (dangerous) metals and components
    which can burn and emit smoke, rather than producing vapor exclusively from your chosen

    - To apply liquid you’ll want to take either a new cartridge, or clean out an old one as I’ve
    done here.


    - Using tweezers, you can easily remove the core material to clean. The first few times I
    just press it between some paper towel, later on when it’s messier I run it under hot tap
    water, and finally, you can also give it a quick Iso wash followed by a hot water rinse (this
    is also recommended when switching flavors, otherwise you’ll have a blend between the
    last flavor and the new flavor).

    - Boston Cream is the flavor we’re sampling for the tutorial.. it’s my own blend (more on
    flavor blends will follow). It has hints of mocha/cocoa, none of that cheap chocolate taste,
    and a more dominant, rich creamy vanilla taste and almost-caramel flavor notes.


    - You can use a syringe, or a pipette like I’m using to get it all in there as neat and tidy
    as possible, or when you’re on the go a simple spray bottle will do the trick.. I press the
    nozzle of my spray bottles directly to the end of the cart (and I only very rarely make a
    mess doing it that way, lol). A pipette is what we’re using here. You can get hundreds of
    them for a few dollars at various online shops, so I usually toss them out after each use
    to avoid flavor cross-contamination.

    - Using your pipette or syringe, you’ll want to sip up a few ml of your modified ‘e-liquid’
    tincture (keep reading for the correct dilutions).


    - Depending on your cart, it will take between 12 and 20 drops to fill. A fresh, blank cart
    on its first filling will take a while, as you need to ‘prime’ the core with some liquid before
    it absorbs more quickly. Subsequent fillings will go quicker.


    - You’ll know when you’re done filling it when your cartridge begins to pool, or have
    standing liquid in the top, settling above the core material. A drop on the inner 'bridge' of
    the atomizer itself (below, on the right), will help to get it going.


    - Once you’ve put the two pieces together, cartridge to atomizer, you’ll want to give it a
    few moments to wick the liquid further into the atomizer. This prevents dry burning, which
    can drastically shorten the life of your atomizer... it tastes pretty foul as well.


    - - While we wait... Flooding is something you’ll learn to live with, when it comes to
    cheaper 510’s. With a 510 I find it’s either a tedious process, or I’m flooding a bit, and I’d
    rather flood and wipe (or lick! Remember, ours is edible) the fluid away. Meaning, in my
    opinion you’re better off using a bit too much tincture, than too little.

    This is another reason I recommend the eGo model, also called the Tornado by one
    brand. That model has a cover, that slips over the atomizer, and the atomizer collects the
    pooling liquid along a ridge on its side. Much cleaner for the finger tips, and it’s safer for
    your battery as well. - -

    - Then, you simply twist the cart/atomizer onto your battery, and away you go! They
    recommend never to depress the button longer than 5 seconds, but if you don’t have a
    knock-off and your atomizers is nice and wet, I go for a good 8-10 seconds.


    E-cigs seem to be finicky, as far as 'lasting' or duration of life goes. Most people claim the
    parts are only good for about a month or so. But with the proper care and cleaning, they
    can last up to 6 months or a year, minus the carts and cores of course.

    You can replace the core material with the real stuff for pennies though, and if you have
    some expired tea laying around you can even use –some- types of teabag material, and
    eventually when the plastic cart itself wears down they’re only a few dollars for 5 of them,
    and they’ll refill and last for ages.

    Using a table top vaporizer, that has the ability to reach higher temperatures than the common
    e-cig or e-cigar, is a good method of utilizing a failed or premature tincture, when you notice both
    eating it, and e-cigging, are not giving you the effects you need.

    'Failed' very often means 'burned', or to a lesser degree under processed (premature, which can be
    fixed); a burned tincture can damage your atomizer and wick, and it will sometimes absorb a bit 'iffy'
    when placed under the tongue, or even when consumed. But, it can often still be vaped with some
    success. A premature tincture, that isn't yet ready for sublingual use or digestion, can be also be
    vaped with some success, if done at a high enough temperature. But patience is the better route,

    Although I personally don't really recommend combustion with veg glycerin, you can also use a
    failed (or premature) tincture, to make canna hookah shisha, to add some extra kick to your bud,
    or to simply make the bud last longer in a hookah or water pipe, without diluting the potency to
    any great degree. Veg glycerin is a common component in most store bought and home-made
    hookah shisha, just google up a few shisha recipes, and follow as described using your glycerin
    tincture, in place of the recommended ratio of plain veg glycerin.

    Basically both premature tinctures, and burned tinctures, will not work with your e-cigs.
    Not only will they not work, but they will damage your equipment, as they are far more
    delicate and they heat to lower temps, than your standard table-top herb vapes. Only a
    table top vape that can reach high enough temps, will be able to more rapidly produce an
    effect from a premature tincture.




    And that, is what it looks like, when you've done it right ;)

    Well, I hope you found this first installment useful! Check back soon for various flavors,
    and the proper tincture dilutions. :wave:
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  2. Wow, very very cool. Looks like a lot of work you did there, but I'm going to look into doing this, I love the idea, and you know I already have my own tincture.
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    Ok! Flavor time...


    For those of you who already own and use e-cigs, and are into DIY, this is probably nothing new for you.

    The best flavors you can use, have no artificial or added coloring besides the color that
    forms from the flavor itself, and you'll mostly want flavors that are -not- made of essential
    .. this will often limit you to artificial flavors, but honestly, when you have a good supplier
    they are absolutely delicious when used correctly.

    The best favors have only two or three ingredients: natural flavoring, and propylene glycol or
    alcohol. Loranns does decent flavors, and while it's best to avoid coloring, and oils, with enough
    experience you can get away with using them without any ill effects. Some colors will always taste
    foul, but many oils and essences can, with the assistance of alcohol, be broken down enough to be
    used safely with e-cigs.

    However, one should use those flavors with oil, at his or her own risk. Lipid pneumonia is one
    of the very real consequences of inhaling improperly cured, vaporized, oils.
    This has occurred with cheap/lesser but official e-liquids sold on the market legally, for e-cigs. Oil
    blends will take several weeks, to several months of tedious mixing and blending, to become
    . Please have patience, or avoid using them all together until you know you can wait.

    The flavor and cannabinoid 'vehicles' are PG, propylene glycol, and/or VG, vegetable glycerin. VG
    produces a superior amount of vapor, and it's easier to come by, so we use this.

    Adding a 6 drops everclear, per 10 ml finished tincture, will help both absorption and the vapor
    process. It also makes it lean towards a PG mix, without actually using store bought PG (which is
    often made from animal and petroleum byproducts). So about half a drop per ml, but I've never
    really measured this while doing it, so you can vary it according to your preferences once you're in
    the groove.

    For 'original' (vape/hash flavored) e-juice, with every 10 ml of tincture w/everclear, you'll want to
    thin it out with about 3-4 ml of distilled, or filtered water. You want it very slightly viscous, but not
    syrupy.. it needs to be just watery enough that it doesn't burn too quickly and too harsh, but still
    slightly thicker than traditional e-juice/liquid.


    When I flavor my tinctures or e-juice, I make blends, and I use very few straight-flavorings on their
    own. Even flavors that I call, for instance, "Apple", are rarely just that. But those are my secrets,
    and I'll be keeping those... for now ;)

    Now, to make a flavored e-juice rather than an original, you need to use the ratios given above a
    bit differently. The bottles in the photos used more like 8ml, but we're using 10 ml here, because the
    math is more comprehend-able.

    - Let's say you want to use 10 ml tincture per bottle.

    - First step, is to add about 3 - 4 ml distilled water to your vial or container.

    - Then, depending on the concentration of the flavor you use (and even the same brand will vary
    flavor to flavor), you need to take your flavor and mix between 4% and 10% worth of your total
    ending fluid volume, into the water.

    - So if it's going to be 14 ml total, including the water, everclear, and tincture, you'll want to use
    between .5 - 1.4 ml flavoring added to the 3 - 4 ml water.

    - Mix your water & flavor well. Now, add a few drops of everclear. Mix again.



    - Finally, you're at the point where you can add your tincture. Once finished, mix again.

    - Most importantly, you're going to need to shake these at least once a day for 2 weeks straight,
    before it begins to taste right, and taste strong.




    Do not sample it immediately, and kick yourself for screwing up.

    So many people buy legitimate e-juice mixes from reputable vendors, and ask "why did it take so
    long for my order to get to me," or, "my last batch tasted great and this one is horrible, what did
    you do wrong?"

    These vendors repeatedly have to inform their customers that they hand-mix each blend, and it
    takes several days for the mix to even settle properly, then up to several weeks for it to taste right.
    If you order some and you get it fast, it very probably needs to sit on your shelf a while. If it took
    ages to get to you, then hopefully, it's only because they mixed it and let it sit on their own shelves

    The flavors do NOT meld immediately, it just doesn't happen. You may think it's weak now, but if
    you try to bump up the flavor in two or three weeks you'll be regretting it when it's overpowering.

    Tip: always keep some plain 'original' tincture blend on hand, because if you make up a batch of
    flavor that is much too strong after several weeks of waiting, instead of starting from scratch or
    thinning it with glycerin (making it weak) you can easily add more tincture and water, without
    severely effecting the immediate use of the product. You'll be able to use it right then,
    without waiting for a new batch to finish melding (it will still continue to get better as it ages

    Tip: Always shake your bottles before any kind of use, or mixing. Potency does tend to
    settle, even in the best and purest liquid tinctures, even if you can't really see it with the naked eye.

    Tip: You're waiting for your flavors to mix: While the "original" blend does improve with age, it's
    about the only blend that works great from the moment you mix it up, to the very last drop.


    These are my current flavors (as seen above).. mixed these up just for you guys ;)

    Pina Colada
    Cinnamon Roll
    Cotton Candy
    Chocolate Hazelnut
    Boston Cream

    *Oil blends
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  4. You know, this thread enticed me to try just putting some drops of my tincture in the Volcano on top of some older vaped weed, and I'll be damned if it didn't totally rock my socks. Plus the taste is WONDERFUL, like a creamy caramel in my mouth.
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  5. If you liked that Will, I have something to show you guys in a few days.. my mind is blown as far as picture posting goes right now, lol, but I have some interesting tincture vaping photos from Halloween to show off :)

    I've been using tinctures in vaporizers for ages, it is a GREAT way to use a tinc if you for whatever reason, can't eat or take it sublingually.

    Herbal tinctures for other purposes are wonderful as well, plantain (not the banana, the plantago/weed) clears up ear infections when vaped, and echinacea is great for colds and decongestion.

    Vaporization is a fantastic means of delivering medicinal herbal elements to your body.. but it's best to consult a herbalist/hobby book, before you get too creative and wind up poisoning yourself :)
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  6. Alright, I dug up the photos... this is a large, but 'stealthy' travelers vaporizer ;)

    Simply put, it's a fog machine. This isn't something new, but I haven't seen anyone
    talking about it here.


    I'm the kind of person who never drives with pipes or paraphernalia if I can help it, but
    Halloween was coming and had to do something a little different, I wasn't hosting a party
    this year, for once, I was going to one!

    So I ran out, and found the cheapest, safest fog machine I could buy... not bad for $14
    bucks ;)

    I bought some Fog Juice as well, dumped it out into a separate container, and washed
    (rewashed, and washed again) the container out.. and filled it with my own liquid ;)

    The fog juice itself is largely safe for human consumption, otherwise they wouldn't use it
    around children so much, so I reused the container just this once for the occasion.. the
    formula they actually use for fog machines, is not much different than the e-juice being
    sold for e-cigs now.



    So besides gaining the confidence to drive around on Halloween night, with about a
    quarter oz of hash (in tincture form) in my car, it's also a 'cheap mans vaporizer', to go
    with some 'lazy mans fluid'...

    I mixed about 1/3 of my well-strained 'lazy mans' green dragon, with 2/3 glycerin
    tincture. The lazy mans Dragon is just blended, powdered buds, allowed to sit in high
    proof liquor for several months, rather than using pure hash, meaning there's chlorophyll
    and other plant waxes etc included.
    But if you want something that tastes like actual bud, from a liquid vaporizer, this is the
    way to do it. Otherwise, you can get a milder tasting vape from hash or glycerin tinc cut
    with water.

    I got the bags at the shops that night, they are not your average plastic storage bags and
    you should never use such a thing this way; these are oven bags, which can withstand very
    high temperatures without breaking down. And the machine itself can be pulled apart and
    cleaned quite easily, although it makes very little mess, and even less waste.

    Haven't used it much since Halloween, but I'm sure we'll be breaking it out for special
    occasions (and we'll be modifying the bags, so they make a tighter seal :) )

    The best part though, is for those of you who enjoy hot boxing or clam baking... you turn
    this baby on, and after 3 minutes in a small room you won't see 6 inches in front of your
    face, your palms disappear as you push them in front of you. Actually, if anyone wants a
    superior Fog Juice, buy glycerin and make your own.. it's a damn rip-off, buying it by the
    pint the way they make it. I took photos as an example, but... they were a bit white and
    boring :)






    The tincture is still just as tasty, when it's a residue left on a vape bag, as it is directly from a dropper bottle :)
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  7. Found this from the trial run.. the door had been open a while. It takes about a minute to fill a
    small 6 x 10 room, if you use it that way. People come in, medicate and socialize, then leave
    when finished. It's much more comfortable than 'hot boxing' with combustables. That much
    vapor can fill dozens of bags though, so use it accordingly.


    And a couple more 'action shots' of the 510 e-cig, personal vaporizer, with hash tincture..
    best of all, I have a USB 'passthru' that you use in place of the battery, for perfect hits
    every time. You plug it in at your computer, or with a hand adapter in your car, and save
    your batteries for shopping, travel or other busy activities where plugging in is less than

    It's odorless, as far as canna goes.. I've used these around police at carnivals, they
    comment on how lovely the cotton candy smells :cool:




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  8. god dammit.
    your a genius.
    sticky this?
  9. I Used to have E-Cigs, and I think i'll have to give it another go.
    I also have a bottle of Green dragon that's currently been mixing for about a week now. will this work after it's been in there for a month?

    Thanks for the write up and pictures. +rep
  10. i like the poor mans volcano better than the e-cig but that is cool too
  11. Hi badkitty, I love this post, I had been thinking about this for a while and googleing it and finding limited information on whether it would work or not. You seem to have come up with a definite answer... Yes!
    I've read through the whole thread but can't seen to find your hash tincture recipe. I plan on trying this with an e cig when my current grow finishes, I plan on making iso hash and dissolving it in glycerol, what ratio would you recommend to keep it potent, i'm worried that I will make it too weak and have to vape a whole cart just to feel a slight buzz, can you post your recipe ratio/strength.
    Thanks for the awsome post.
  12. Wow, great stuff!
  13. this is really cool. i had been thinking about a way to do this.
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    Awesome thread, + rep dragon lady!
  15. +Rep. This should get stickied. It would be a shame to see this information lurking on later pages.
  16. wow, great thread!

    I still have a few vials of my last glycerin tinc; I may just put that in my next batch in hopes of upping the potency.

    Can't wait for you how-to!
  17. Thanks for checking out the tutorial and for the positive responses guys :wave: I go from about 7-10 bowls a day (I've cut down since I was younger, lol), down to 1 - 2 bowls, or none at all when I use these things.. it's no surprise so many tobacco users can quit combusting analog cigarettes with these things, they really work. When you get a good model with decent atomizers & vapor production, anyway.

    Trisikad, for use with e-cigs you'll want to begin making some glycerin tincture as well, to cut your dragon with. You want more of the glycerin tinc than the dragon, and a bit of water to thin it out some more, have a look at the flavor & fog machine posts for a better idea of the ratios you'll need depending on how much tinc/dragon you want to use, I try not to use more than 1/3 alcohol.

    I'm searching around for the photos I took to go along with the glycerin tutorial. Things have been busy here, I planned on doing this a few months back, and there are about 1,000 photos I've taken between then and now to comb through. Many of which are for recipes and such I plan on sharing here, so I've made some work for myself :)

    I'll be back soon, just check the first page in this thread for the tincture recipe, when I find the photos I'll edit one of my posts and add the recipe there, to keep it easy to find.
  18. When you get a good model with decent atomizers & vapor production, anyway.

    is Electronic-Cigarette Personal Vaporizers the brand name?

    Awesome information, amazing pics. I love the fog machine...cannabinoid fog :p
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    Mine is a no-name brand direct from a supplier in China (which is where most if not all the best, and worst, e-cigs come from), that would have eventually been sold to a branding company for over seas vendor/suppliers. If you were to buy for instance a real Joye from a reputable vendor, it would say no less than Joye 510 Personal Vaporizer on the either fancy, or plain white box (they do several styles), while others simply say '510'. Companies or sites I would recommend: Joye, Riva, e-smokeytreats.com.. the best thing to do for finding the right style and brand, is to use metacrawler or google and find a few companies with 20-30+ reviews for each product, places who've been around a while, and forums for e-cigs.

    It's better to spend the extra 10-15 dollars on a kit from a reputable vendor, who you know is buying directly from a reputable Chinese manufacturer, rather than finding an amazing (ie unbelievable/unrealistic) deal from a unknown company or site that just started up. There are a lot of knock-offs that look anywhere from similar, to exactly like the originals, some work just as well, some are made with inferior metals and plastics that could degrade and do you more harm than good.

    People without the education, or who simply don't care about your health, order them from their homes, and create seemingly professional websites to give potential buyers the impression they are buying from a legitimate vendor. The person orders a box of knock off personal vaporizers from a shady manufacturer, at a dime a dozen, or for much cheaper than the legitimate manufacturer would supply, even to a company making bulk orders, and they make a huge mark-up but still sell them for 10 dollars less than the legitimate brands... some could be made with quality materials but by unknown sources, then there are others, that were tested by various governments and were found to contain carcinogenic/cancer cauusing material.

    This is why it's so important that you spend the extra few dollars, to go with a company who buys and brands e-cigs from a reputable manufacturer, for instance e-smokeytreats buys Joye 510s, and puts their brand on the cig itself.

    Keep in mind, the 510 is actually considered a 'mini' or stealth model, it's just one of the most common and more functional models in the beginners price range, and it's highly portable, so it makes a good example here for what you should expect from a very basic product.

    You can buy other more expensive brands of 510, SS no 7. for one, that are even stealthier and have no LED light at the end... they aim the marketing for these at soldiers during war-time, so snipers can't pick them off.

    All 510 pieces are interchangeable regardless of the brand or manufacturer, and some other models can take 510 parts, so it's a great starter kit if you like it enough to immediately upgrade to something more powerful.. because you can re-use the parts (like with the eGo).

    Some companies allow you to mix and match colors, so you can have different colors for all three pieces (or two pieces with cartomizers & battery), or have the pieces as a solid color like mine, with blue, red, orange, or purple LEDs at the ends.

    As far as health goes, you always want your atomizers and carts to be legitimate brands for the best and safest materials. The way I see it, you can be creative with sourcing out your batteries so long as they hold a good charge, and don't burn your house down ;)

    Never spend more than 12 or 13 dollars for a 180mah 510 battery, and they can be found for even less than that if you don't care who makes them, and I'd recommend getting a 'mega' or larger 510 battery in addition to a starter kit, so you can vape all day without charging.

    Or get a USB passthrough and a USB adapter for your car, that's what I've got. I only really use my batteries when I'm wandering around somewhere that I can't be plugged in. They're just relaxing and they make a great care-free, anytime vape.

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