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e-Cigarette modded with THC

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by herecomesthesun, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. I saw this interesting article on reddit:

    Marc Maron's Hands-On With SuperSmoker Electronic Cigarettes - Gearlog

    The e-cigarette seems to work quite well. (see videos) It's small, easy to use, produces plenty of vapor and looks like a cig. I noticed they also carry nicotine-free cartridges for it. This got me to thinking. If you got some THC oil, added a few drops to the cartridge and started puffin away, do you think this would work as a vape?
  2. good theory, im not sure if it would work... try it
  3. I would try it if it werent $150. wait..

    Check this out:

    e-cigarette, Health Beauty, Electronics items on eBay.com


    I've emailed a bunch of sellers and asked if i could take out the cartridge and add a few drops of essential oils to enhance the e-cigarette. I'll post any responses I get
  4. those things are mad expensive
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    I dont have any thc oil at the moment and I'm not sure how accurate the responses be. If anyone here who has the oil already wants to buy a cheapo one off ebay and try it, go for it and post your results! :)
  6. That's an interesting idea man. I bought an e cigarette a few months ago and I've been pondering this idea for quite a while.
  7. Well, you usually cant smoke oil out of a vaporizer because it has a possibility of falling into and ruining the heater.. but if it works, then fuck yea. :) I'd try fill it with a bunch of keif :smoking:
  8. Those are badass
  9. my room mate has the smoking everywhere version and its alright. no thc oil here tho :(
  10. Won't work I believe.

    We actually had an e-cigarette dealer on these forums a while back and we asked him about it and he said the resin would clog it extremely quickly, as it's basically impossible to find a pure THC extract. The nicotine extracts aren't viscous at all like THC oil.
  11. Bump... has anyone tried this first-hand yet? Can't you just make hash oil with something like the Honey Bee Extractor then replace the nicotine cartridge with the hash oil?
  12. Ok so im a budtender at a huge dispensary in oakland. i et aguy who claimed to have a hash oil he had made for e cigs as he is an e cig dwealer. let me say after three days of experimentation it definately works. ill have youtube videos wit everything soon. my youtube name is samre as my fum name, justburn. if anyone is prop 215 and near oakland i can maybe demo it with you at bart one day. i dnt want to post all the details on the web.. right now because im on y phone on a tiny keyboard,. but lets just say that the hash oil is the expensive part, but it lasts a good $$while¢¢ oh and you gotta smoke it different. like 3 long low slow draws for like four seconds before it blinks green and shuts offf. this thing makes me sneeze and cough like a volcano.
  13. you still haven't posted the videos, any news? i just ordered one and when it gets here im gonna start experimenting with my extra atomizer and battery to see what happens, any help would be AWESOME!:hello::smoking:
  14. me and a bunch of friends have already come up with this theory. the cigs may seem mad expensive at first, but if you smoke cigarettes, you save a shitload of cash in the long run, and no carcinogenic effects. we have also thought of smoking grain alcohol and trying to get drunk, and somebody thought about liquid acid, but i dont know about that one. also, the E-Cigs are a lot of fun to use as well, and with about 30 or more flavors, they hardly get boring.
  15. looks sick
  16. Hmm I have one, wonder if I can shove a peice of bud in there and smoke it.

    But, great minds think alike cause just last night before I ever saw this thread I was talking to my brother about it.... He doesnt think itll work either.
  17. I have an electronic cigarette so I've been wondering about this for awhile. I don't think THC oil would work because it's a lot thicker than the nicotine solutions.

    Does anyone know if THC is soluble in glycerol or propylene glycol? Either of those are typically used to make the nicotine solution.

    Nah they don't have to be that expensive. Intellicig is a good company and you can get a basic setup of theirs for about $60.
  18. i saw one of these that was able to be fully disasembled and cleaned. it might get clogged quick but it should still work if the heating element gets hot enough. i always wanted one so i could smoke in a library or church or in a state building...

    hash oil might not be the best idea. maybe sheva crystals or keif...
  19. here is a link to get e cigarette for 9.99 you are only paying shipping and handling e cigarette is free. lehttps://www.safetrialoffers.com/vapor_pak/ead8/index.phpt me know how you guys make out. hope this helps:smoking:
  20. The E-Cig thing is not really expensive, once you get over the initial cost. They have come down in price quite a bit. You can get a full starter kit for about $50 now. If you go the DIY route like me, it basically costs me about $2 per month to smoke. Compare that to $50-60 for a carton of regular smokes!!! Even if you buy all of your e-juice, it should only be about $30-40 a month (at the absolute highest).

    As far as adding THC to an e-cig, I have heard of a couple of people doing it. One used BHO (Butane Honey Oil), and the other said he was able to extract THC from his buds using straight PG (Propylene glycol), which is the foundation for all the e-juice (you can use VG or PEG as well). As soon as I have a batch worth trying (maybe in Feb), I will give it a go. If I can make it work, you can believe there will be a mass posting on here.

    My assumption is that the atomizer does not get hot enough to vaporize all the THC. I do, however, have a battery mod that I made that can up the voltage on them from 3.7volts to 6volts. This should be able to get past the heat issue. More to follow....

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