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E cig anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by hroth, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. The weirdoes in the mall working for E Ciggarette follow me around with there weird electronic smoking device. I troll them so hard.

    No, fuck an E Cig.

    edit: Bad Kitty Smiles is such a boss. So much respect.
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    You are such a badass. :wave: trolling is for people that dont have enough going on in their lifes i guess.... wait did you bone that ashtray-chick yet?

    Also Id like to add that E "ciggarette" isnt a company.

  3. your that guy that follows me aren't you

  4. If I am, I mustve been so high that I took a 6.000 miles flight, found out where you lived, got a job in the mall you go to and followed you around, quit my job took a flight back and forgotten everything.

    If it were true it would be truly awesome :D
  5. I know what ya mean...I hate them middle isle vendors.

    You walk by and say "no thanks" and they fuking follow you and its like...

    No man I said I aint interested! And they still bug you.

    You almost have to get in there face and tell them to get the fuk away before
    they get knocked the fuk out!
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    So I own an electronic cigarette store.

    My webpage is www.Vapor-Mania.com

    Just want to start by saying, while Blue and V2 are decent models, they limit your options for upkeep/refills, and there are a TON of better options out there for less money.

    Our 510 series kits are a great starter and give you the flexibility you might want.
    We only sell USA made juice which is made from USP approved base and comes from an FDA approved facility.

    I'm open to any questions you might have or any help I might be able to offer.

    Basically there is a LOT of options out there, and the expensive kits like Blu usually aren't a good value in the end.
  7. Anyone know if the "BLU" flavor cartridge will fit the V-2?

    The "Blu" brand has more flavors Id like....But looking on there
    web site they dont have just the juice its all cartridges.

    I havent ordered my V-2 yet and THATS the one I will be buying.

    But there flavors are limited on the V-2 site.

    Im still searching and researching but I havent found a repitable site
    that just sells the juice in a wide variety.

    I would really like to get:

    Peach, Watermelon, Pina Colada, and a good vanilla, and Cherry.

    I see the V-2 has the Vanilla and Cherry but not in just the juice refills.

    Cause after I buy the his/hers I want to get the blanks and do my own refills aswell.
  8. The V2 uses a thread type called 901 which is similar to an 808D which I believe Blu uses. The threads aren't interchangeable without modifying your connector. The refill cartridges -may- fit both however.

    Emphasis on -may- because the e-cig mfgs like Blu and similar brands like to use atomizers and refills that are proprietary to keep you coming back and buying their expensive cartridges that only work for their device and you can't get anywhere else.

    You can get an adapter to use 510 atomizer or cartomizer on your Blu or V2 batteries.
    510 connectors are more of an industry standard, are much more common, and allow you much more flexibility and options than a 901 or 808D.

    They are in stock at Vapor-Mania.com, I will add them to webpage tomorrow. The adapter will be around $3.00.

    You can get a box of five 510 cartos and a bottle of juice for around $16 shipped.

    We have all the flavors you mentioned :D

    Also, we have blank cartridges that should work with your atomizer (made to fit 510, 901, 808D). They are 50 cents each for empties.
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    Just going to add that as a serious vendor, I don't conform to just one "brand" of electronic cigarette. I sell genuine Joyetech as well as Riva, Sino, and Smoktech, and more.

    The only real beef I have with (not just them, but I'm using them as an example tonight) Blu is the uncommon connectors and their spotlight marketing which encourages people to buy all refills from them, and them only.

    Luckily juice doesn't discriminate and you'll enjoy my high quality juice in any e cigarette :D


    Ok one last rant/plug before I go... you mentioned reputable... Here's our facebook link so you can see that I have an actual brick & mortar store as well as the webpage and an established customer base :D http://www.facebook.com/VaporMania

  10. #50 Stumbleweed, Jan 7, 2012
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    Oh you have Black Cherry Pina Colada..yum yum!

    Now that I think about it I probable wont bother with buying any adapters since
    after I do buy my e-cig, I want to go straight into refilling my own. I did finally
    finds some sites that sell the e-liquid Im looking for and also your site.

    I really dont know what ya ment by all them numbers FaceKicker. But thanks for the info.

    I will book mark it and I should be ordering my v-2 in a few weeks.

    I cant wait till I get into all of this. Im like a kid in a candy store...But with no moneys right now.

    Holidays put me in a big crunch.



    Millennium Milkshake+ Zombie Juice??...interesting :eek::D
  11. Sounds good.

    One last thing though, I'm gonna try to change your mind about the V2.
    You don't have to pay that much.

    Even if you didn't get it from me I believe you'll be happier in the long run with a kit like this: Joye 510 Startup Kit

    If you order from me you can use coupon code "startup" for 20% off the kit.

    If you still want the V2 like I said, you can still use any juice and should be able to use the refill atomizer cartridges that I and other vendors sell.

    I just hate seeing people locked into buying atomizers (they have a lifespan so you will end up replacing them at some point) and cartridges like they are a subscription or an autoship commitment.
  12. out of curiosity is there a brick and mortar store where you can buy VG? no nic no flavor? I know there are tons of places online, but im just curious if like wal-mart or walgreens etc might carry something like that.

    *edit* Also I mean somewhere thats everywhere. National chain etc.
  13. I got my VG at the Vitamin Shoppe(pretty sure they are national) but I also got it at Whole Foods before.

    I use to buy the pre-mixed VG but it's really inexpensive to mix your own and the different flavor blends you can make yourself are great.
  14. Sweet thanks Ean. Have you bought your flavors off line at like whole foods too? Ive never been much of a baker so I've never looked for candy flavorings before.
  15. You can get VG at Walmart but it's not USP grade. Which also means it can be somewhat inconsistent.

    DIYFlavorshack is probably the most reputable and popular place to get flavoring for e-liquid. They test it to make sure its compatible with vaping. Some flavorings that use natural extracts or sweetners will not work.

    I will add a "grasscity" code for 10% off on my site if you guys want to try my juice.
  16. I got my flavorings from the same place as BadKitty, I sent her a message awhile ago when I was starting to make some Hash/Keif glycerine but I cannot find the message that has the name of the place.

    As far as flavors I try to just stick to fruit flavors. Mango, Peach, Grape, Watermelon, Coconut, Black Cherry I have all had really good luck with. Great flavors and they blend together really nice. Coconut + Peach + Mango is amazing. However, I haven't really purchased many "baked goods" flavors(chocolate/caramel/coffee/ect) but I did buy a bottle of vanilla because I heard it mixes well and adds a creamy flavor to fruits
  17. Well I baught a cheap disposable today when I went for a carton of cigs
    and I have to say it really suks ass.:mad:

    This one is called a PureSmoke. It barely has any smoke vapor to it.

    I really hope when I buy a more expensive one that it has better taste
    and much much more smoke vapor.

    I baught this one just to try it out and Im not impressed at all.

    This was a big waste of $10 bucks!.:devious:
  18. Dude, Liberty Flights, google that shit. Get yourself a higher priced item and some of the liquids and rock that shit. Believe me its way different.
  19. My kits at vapor-mania.com are lifetime kits and come with a guarantee. Disposables and generally anything <$25 for a kit are going to be in the bin within a month.
    Use discount code "dealsandsteals" for a 10% discount on all products, and "startup" for 20% off startup kits.

    Tomason is right though. Get something quality, and use some USA made quality juice, and you'll be extremely happy.

  20. I wouldn't even bother with a disposable from any brand. They're not made for quality, they're made to be a temporary fix.

    I get a shit-ton of vapor from mine (not a PureSmoke, for the record). Especially with the manual (push-button) battery. I can blow vapor rings with that shit. :p
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