Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by paenk, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Right now, I am trying to gather as many e-books as possible. I have a very small library, and by small I mean fucking small. Only containing two books. I really want more material though. If you would care to send me your books if you have any, I would gladly share mine.

    I have Todd McCormicks book (very inspiring) as well as the growing bible. Amazing stuff, you can email them to me at www.swaenKmonsta@hotmail.com (alternate email so please tell me if you do so). Or set up a time to send them to me over aim, (name is swaenKmonsta).

    If you want any of these books, just ask and I will send them to you. Mind you, they are not small reads, Todd's is 140 some pages, and The Growing Bible goes into the 400's. I read both of them and they are fucking hawt.
  2. Just asking, but how exactly does the fact that you're looking for E-books correlate with the act of growing marijuana indoors? I don't really see where the two meet, but then again I'm stoned. Or not stoned enough..

  3. Care to ellaborate the proper section to post this in?
  4. The Chill Out Zone would be one, you might try the Seasoned Tokers area, as well.

  5. But it's about "growing". "Indoor growing". Kinda see where I am going with this? I also don't stray very far away from the growing part of this forum, so I wouldn't think to post it anywhere else.

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