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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. anyone notice theres a select few people on this forum that talk alot of shit, but yet there still on here? i aint gonna say no names or nothin, although i\'d like to, haha i\'m sure u\'ll reveal yourselves in this thread and get yet another one of my threads closed

    out of the 4 threads i\'ve posted, only 1 hasnt been closed.. and none of them broke the rules either

    i bet if i really wanted to, i could get yall worked up enough to get the e-beefers banned :D

    edit: n i aint just referrin to my posts, i looked around for a bit n noticed some repeat offenders haha
  2. drama, drama, drama...

  3. example example example^^

    haha actually i do find it kind of amusing to see people get mad or whatever over an internet forum... cuz like, its just the internet

    edit: and also, if u\'ll notice i didnt ask for people to hate, although i expect it, i asked if anyone else noticed people who talk shit on here, so if you dont notice it, then dont fuckin post nothin, it aint too complicated
  4. What is the point of this thread other than to make some people upset? Now you can say that you have another thread that wasn\'t closed by haters.

    If you feel that some people are breaking the rules, report them! We\'re only human and we can\'t see everything.
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