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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hookedonchron, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. yeh so i bought 2 hits of e like a week ago and i havent taken them yet because i have been sick, so my question is a week later im feeling better but im still a lil bit stuffed up with a minor sinus cold, would taking e in my condition be a retarded idea?
  2. To be completely honest, I'll roll no matter how I'm feeling.
    Unless I absolutely can't get out of bed and move around, that is.
  3. yeh but would it be enjoyable.. or would i not even notice that im stuffed up cause im rollin?
  4. You probably wouldn't even notice that your nose is stuffed up if you are rolling.

    If you are that concerned about it just get some nasal spray shit that dries up your nasal passages. Ecstasy isn't going to make your cold any worse, though.
  5. ^ thanks man thats some good avice, im gonna have a nice warm glass of neo citron and then pop these colorful lil pills somtime today
  6. Mentholated nasal spray is fuckin awesome anyway, when you're thizzin.
  7. Did ya pop em man?? When you do keep us posted how your lil roll is going. What kind of pill design are they? Peace man and have a good time!
  8. nah^ i havent popped em yet, i got a doctors apointment in about an hour so ima wait till then, oh yeh and the desgins.. i got a purple fallen, and an orange batman never came across these before but my friends tell me theyre pretty clean rolls

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