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    anyone have any luck with positioning this fan around the plant and letting the plant grow up through it with air pushing up?!?!?!? just hit me also im high as fuck :hello:

    yeah i know its 100 dollars but i might find an ok working one at an estate sale

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  2. i dont think it would work if you lay it on the floor.

  3. I agree.. it needs plenty of room behind it to work right..;)
  4. you guys are shitty inventors you just gave up like that lol

    screw the base to something in the air thus pulling the fan off the ground :O omg whoah
  5. Personally dont want any electronics under where im pouring water. I dont really see the signifigance of the fan being under the plants. Also people with a flood table would have a little bit of a hard time with laying the fan down.
  6. once again...

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  7. And what advantage do you think that design has over other simpler and cheaper designs?

    I dont see any.

  8. It'll blow the buds towards the sky, therefore more buds. DUH
  9. I don't think it would work how u think
  10. you need to go look at how it's made.. I think your idea would work and be really cool but the fan it's self would fail.. the way that fan works it wouldn't take much moister or dirt to really mess it up.. That and the fact that they cost so much it just wouldn't be worth it.. ;)

    + rep for creativity :hello:
  11. If you would be stupid enough to put electronics where you would be pouring water, you shouldn't be growing. He never said put the fan on the soil or under the plant. He said let the plant grow through it. If you put it high enough there would be no worries of water touching it. Shit, he could use light hangars to hang the damn thing from the ceiling. Logical thinking is not that hard.

    see his drawing.

    I think it could work really well, but the diameter of the thing is smaller than the diameter of my 15" plant. You would also have to have 1 per plant, which would be costly.
  12. You didn't even read the OP did you? He asked if anyone had any experience with the fan. What simpler and cheaper designs? Have you compared any of these side by side? It's going to be real hard for you to see anything if you never look.

  13. Really, now?

    I had seen that fan design before, being sold as a revolutionary new method for blowing air. This revolutionary new method has nothing of revolutionary, and their sales pitch about how this is better than normal fans since those "chop-up" air is absolute bullshit.

    So, he's asking about using a fan to blow air around his plant.

    If ventilation is what he wanted to achieve, this can be accomplished by any other fan (most of which cost far less than $100).

    If the plan is to use it to help push the plant to grow higher, then simply rasing the lights a bit would achieve it (if you have the lights, the cost for raising them is again far less than $100).

    What am I missing here?
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    this one may have been sarcastic but that's pretty much what im going for
    i wanna know if high amounts of air blowing directly up would cause the structure of the plant to change or produce bud in a different way

    as for the design of the fan i don't really care how it chops the air, that's not important here

    this is just the only fan that has a space for a stem to grow through it

    also yeah its a 100 doll hairs, but i never said id actually go buy one from a store let alone attempt to test this out with more than one

    i just don't feel like finding a way to rig up 4 or more fans all pointing up to evenly distribute the air all the way around the plant that's just to much work

    but if i can go spend 20 dollars at a garage sale and test it out on 1 plant then its worth it im just wondering if anyone else has seen anyone else trying this because the scientific methos requires you to review all other data on the dubject before you start.
    also wanted to know if upwards wind affects plant growth as opposed to side to side wind
    just saying that made me think of blowing directly down on a plant to increase plant strength.

    maybe this picture will show you an example of what trees can look like when on a cliff near the ocean where wind blows up the cliff from the ocean
    (yeah its a drawing but that's just because some things are to specific to search up on Google)

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  15. I seen one at best buy they are cool but not that strong. Also very very expensive.
  16. great point i overlooked how the fan would react to these conditions but ill find a way around it
    that's what inventing is all about
    keep trying until you get the results you were hoping for

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