Dynafem Critical Cheese auto/Sour D/ ATF/La Confidential 600W hps Grow

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  1. Ok guys first let me say hello. I have stalked these pages for some time now and I am ready to share a log. The Critical cheese auto  is 15 days old and staying short and bushy. I am trying to make her stretch a bit by only using a HPS all the way through on her but it has not worked so far . Now the Sour D , ATF, and cheese beans all came from http://cannabis-seed.us they are a seed bank in the usa shipping was 2 days and the beans were at my door. So far the ATF has been touchy they dont like a bunch of light right off and like a bit lower ph then my other girls. The Sour D has shocked me it is keeping up with the auto in terms of growth I really hope the sour D is a male I would love to cross it with this auto Now the La Confidential  is a bag seed I got the other day so i thought hell Lets see what it can do LOL. The idea is to use CS spray to reverse part of the Critical cheese auto and use it to breed another auto bean i have (plain auto cheese ) ok well I will get some pics up. Tell me what ya think.  
    1x 600w HPS/MH
    1x 500 w LED ( Veg)
    Nuts are to many to list I will just post pics LOL. But mainly GH and foxfarm and some neptunes harvest
    3x gal pots/soil mix
    2x 285 gph air pumps
    and a DWC made from 10 g tote 
    Pics of nuts [​IMG][​IMG]
    Auto Critical Cheese 15 days [​IMG]A few more of her [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Next is this little one Sour D 15 days [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here is a Alaskan Thunderfuck fem at 10 days old . This one seemed a bit slow to start but its now taking off.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]And last the little ones 2 ATF and one La Confidential 1 day germ 2 days in [​IMG]Well guys let me know what you think. So far only nuts they have had came from a Tea I brewed with the microbe life line up and the neptunes harvest with some liquid manure from Grow Big. 
    I am all ears so LETS GET THE COMMENTS ROLLING !!!!! Happy Growing !!!!!!

  2. Ok so guys I am in need of a bit of advice If you were going to buy a new light what would you get ? I ask because im stuck... I dont know if I should go all Led or stick with hps/mh. I can buy high end leds its no issue I am more wanting the best results with less long term cost and from what I read Leds are it. I was going  to upgrade to two 1k watt hpp's but dont want to pay the big light bill that comes with that kind of power. But if I go with led I have a bunch of led lights already and am willing to buy a 600 real watt led light it cost more up front to get the led then it would the hps/mh  but it will cost almost the same as what I am running now in terms of ele cost with more power
    What do you think ?
  3. No advice ? LOL I thought for sure someone would of commented by now LOL Does my thread suck that bad... Hope to hear from someone soon
  4. I would go hps
  5. I have a 300 watt LED as well as the 400 HPS(2). For me the LED is better for smaller rooms. Less heat and electric bill problems. If I had more space to move air in and out, HPS would be my choice. I like your setup and your babies look awesome. Please keep updating.
    I would stay away from these guys. I ordered a 10-pack of White Widow (on sale for $19.99) and they sent me a note saying they were out of stock and 8 random seeds, none of which are sold on their site. I checked their site again and they still had WW for sale but the $19.99 packs only had two seeds. The 10-packs were back to their regular price of $99.99. When I called about my order, they gave me the run-around.
  7. Really ? I have never had issues with them . Thanks for the heads up!

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