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  1. Hello, Im planning to grow my first batch of cannabis. I plan to use coco coir mix as medium.I have previously bought dyna-gro (bloom, grow, and mag-pro) nutrients but I have no clue how to use it. Plus, I have read there are other dyna-gro nutrients that are essential such as protekt, fooliage-pro and K-L-N. Are these 3 necessary or I can proceed with just (bloom, grow and mag-pro)?

    Thanks for helping out gurus!
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    Foliage pro and grow are interchangable. The purist can grow with nothing but Foliage Pro/Protekt/ then Mag Pro to add/replace sulphur. Never quite made it myself, but I come closer each grow. But you are fine. You can mix the Grow and the Bloom many ways. But the Protekt is a very high ph mess, that once used is usually never abandoned. In soiless grows, the lack of silica creates superfast plants that don't have strong stems. The protekt, or any good silica has benefits for fast growing cannabis in a container. Silica is a cult. Only the grower will see the difference.
    The dyna cannabis chart can be followed to get the strategy.Feed Chart - Dyna-Gro ppms are not exactly to be followed. I have exceeded them and run at 400ppm all the way through.
    Ultimately, the original dyna philosophy is cannabis likes 9-3-6 and sulphur. And there is no need to adjust the npk alll through the grow. And in the interview, the founder exposes they just came up with the Bloom to compete with the faulty GH BS.
  3. does it mean that the protekt can be neglected? I read about it like what you mentioned which helps to strengthen the stem. But doesn't a oscillating fan do the same trick to strengthen the stem? How about K-L-N?

    Lastly, do you have any link that can teach / guide me on PPM? I am not really sure what are those for.. I am growing the first time.

    Thank you Talkative
  4. The kln is for clones. I start autos from seed so need for any of that. You can skip the protekt. It is a pain to use, but it does stabalize the ph of your solution if you can ph it down without unreasonable amounts of dyna ph down. Plants grown with FP only will get very green, very delectable, very fast, the Protek T has some potassium (K) that if stuck to the roots makes for a much healthier and too much work for bad pests to bother with plant. And yes, fans also serve the same purpose.
    If you do decide to try the protekt, always dilute it with water first, then ph it down to something reasonable with a 7 handle, then add the diluted Grow to the diluted protekt, then ph down the whole thing.. See? I told ya it was a bitch. Must be good?
  5. If lets say I do not use the protekt and FP. For the grow, bloom and mag, I have to dilute them and then adjust the pH before watering it to the plant? I am using a cocoir + perlite mix for the soil. Like you mention, grow serve the same purpose as FP right?
  6. right, I would start with the grow only. After you see how your plants grow, in about 30 days from sprout, you can decide if you thimk they need something else. Or by then, the usual way is to then go grow/bloom 50/50 and eventually bloom 100, is the way mainstreamers preach it. I would not exceed 1ml/liter to start with. Figure that as a base. Or 1 tsp/gallon was the original recipe from the maker.
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    I have been using Dyna-Gro for 3 years indoors per their feeding chart. I harvest between 650 and 850 g/sq mtr depending on strain.

    Different from a lot of stuff out there, they tell you exactly what's in it and %'s. It's used in a lot of commercial and University Research applications too.

    Dyna-Gro did the analysis of what a cannabis plant needs and produced their Foliage Pro with minor tweaks specific to that plant. Yes you could use Grow as well. Mag Pro has essential nutrients in it. They produce a feed chart for a reason, I would personally start there and adjust based on your experience.

    You can read a lot of research around the benefits of silica, I would not exclude the Protekt or equivalent.

    Once you start using the nutrient mix you will get familiar with what's required to adjust the pH. In many cases its 6 to 10 drops of PH down in a gallon with my tap water. Changes as the ratios change in the feed chart and the water changes on the seasons. I don't understand the PIA comments above, adjusting pH is just adjusting pH. You can use Protekt to pull pH up but I have found the GH blue mix is more economical.

    I personally mix my own silica using AgSil 16 H from the organics supply. Mixing at 5/8 cup per quart produces the equivalent Protekt mix. Its more economical and you aren't shipping a lot of water across country (yes its minor impact but everything helps).

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    I love the benefits of protekt but hate the high ph. I can run foliage pro at 500ppm with 2 parts distilled and 1 part tap and it comes to 6.0. If I eleminate the tap I can get by with about 4 drops protekt per liter. I am swearing off ph down. So what is the ph of your homade solution?
    also, protekt should be added first, that is what makes it pia, and ph down should not be mixed with ph up.
  9. I just add 5ml of Si to each gal at feeding. The pH of individual items is really not relevant, it's the pH of the mix with everything in that's important. I adjust the gal for 6.3 to 6.4.

    Why 'swear off' pH down? It's really just chemistry.
  10. Thanks, I'll look into it. The ph down is fine until I accidently add too much which happens often after I keep adding only a small amount to keep from going too low amd then finally add enough to move the gauge and it is too much, then I have to add tap to bring it back up and I was using distilled to reduce tap because tap has too much lime in it and it gunks up roots before they are finished growing. Hence, pia

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