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  1. hi, just recently switched nutes and was wondering how much of these nutes i should use per gallon of water for veg and flower everywhere i see there using ppm meters and stuff i dont have one so idk how much to mix up and bottles directions are usually to much and i dont wanna hurt my plants
  2. Even though this was 4 years ago .. Im shocked a muh fucker didnt try and help this fellar out.

    Brother, I only have dyna grow bloom so I cant tell you about dyna gro grow... BUT! with dyna gro bloom.. you start feeding at 1/4 tsp per gallon... do that for 3 weeks then bump up to 1/2 tsp... do that untill you flush your plant (s).

    I recently did an autoflower of nirvanas auto bubblelicious and the only nutrient I used was dyna gro bloom. the smoke came out fan-fucking-tastic.. like out of this world good. that was my 1st ever grow too. I'd show you pictures but grasscity always fucks me and never lets me upload pics.. they always fail before uploading.

    IMO ... Dyna Gro are amazing nutes. You can use 3 things from dyna gro and grow weed just as good as 10 nutes from advanced nutrients... those 3 dyna gro system is .. dyna gro foliage pro , dyna gro protekt , and dyna gro bloom
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  3. Lmao. Bro I was laughing so hard.. What the hell. 4 years and nobody replied and that poor guy didn't even follow up after that. And after your comment till now is no other responses.. I Feel like this thread is cursed :D
  4. Funny thing is it tells you right on the bottles . DOH !
  5. Have you even used Dyna Gro before?
  6. 2.5ml a gallon

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