Dylan, I need it!

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  1. Soo back story, I was standing in line at Best Buy at the mall a town over for about 2 and a half hours until 11:00, for black friday. My dad was trying to buy a cheap blu ray player while I was planning to look around for headphones and stereos. They were giving out "tickets" to items they only had a certain amount of, doorbusters pretty much. We got there early at around 9:00 and were pretty far ahead in the line, with the line stretching a quarter around my whole mall by the time we left.

    It was boring as fuck standing in line but these two brothers behind us were definitely making it entertaining.

    The first time I heard them talking they were arguing because one brother took the other brothers credit card and wouldn't give it back (mind you these guys are adults probably in their 30s). For like twenty minutes the other brother kept on going "Dylan I need it, come on dylan, I need it, come on, I need it dylan." At one point the brother left and the one standing in line called him on his phone going "dylan, come on, dad gave it to me, I need it, dylan, I need it."

    Eventually his brother came back and gave him the card.

    Half an hour later they're still just standing around when this black guy comes out of nowhere and sells the whiny brother a cigarette for $5, apparently he was out or something. It was just funny because the guy was yelling at him for taking so long and the black guy was like "i didn't know what the FUCK a bogie means, I'm from the UK!"

    The brother who stole his bros card was drinking beer in line when one of the best buy employees was like:
    Employee: "You shouldn't be drinking that out here"
    Brother: "I can't drink root beer?" (it was obviously beer)
    Employee: "You know a cop will arrest you if they see you drinking that right?"
    Brother: "FOR ROOT BEER?!" employee just walks away.

    At that point me and my dad left because they ran out of tickets for blu ray players and I didn't really need my stuff that bad, and we weren't looking to stand out in the cold for another hour because we both had to piss and were numb.
  2. that sucks that you didnt get anything
  3. Hahaha, I can totally picture that in my head. At least there was some entertainment.
  4. That's horrible you stood out in the cold for nothing! I hope Dylans brother got what he needed though

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