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  1. Hey guys i have a small closet grow of bag seeds, got some bud out here in china and threw the seeds in some potting soil and waterd got a light etc etc etc, the plant suprisingly grew good and storgn but this morning when i woke up for some reason the first pair of leaves that come off the plant or i think second pair one of them started to die, is this normal. I wish i could post a pic but im using a VPN and for some reason it wont allow me to upload it, smh. but any adivce if tis normal or what?? thanks
  2. Is it the first pair of leaves? Like the rounded ones? If so this is completely normal
  3. yeah, also i just started flowering so inbetween the 7 leaf and the steam theere is a small pair of leaves coming out, will this be where the bud is coming from, n is it ok that i just started flowering it now? im a new grower lol just doing it to see what happens and get the hang of it.
  4. Im a new grewer also. Sounds like your plant has not branched out yet. Pics would help alot. If it hasnt branched out at all i would wait a while to flower. My plant is showing preflowers but its still in the vegetative cycle. It is showing white pistils on all 9 budsites, most of which are from the branches i was just talking about. Im sure you will still yeild something but waiting til your plant branches out more will increase your yeild alot
  5. oo ok ok, thanks i understand yeah i am just growing to see hwo the process works, i dont even have the proper space and settings yet, but it looks healthy and is growing fast. and yea it did not branch out yet. thanks for all the help.

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