dying seedlings

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  1. Hi guys,
    My two recent seedlings have popped out with their embryo round leaves stuck together by the membrane. i searched up this problem and found that many people have given their seedlings "micro surgery" to free the embryo leaves and have had success doing it. I tried this micro surgery and removed the membrane smoothy without damaging the plant. after a few days of removing the membrane my two seedlings look like they're dying. yellow, curled and slow growth. did this micro surgery cause my seedlings start dying?
  2. I doubt it's related. Can you give us more info about your grow?
    Are they indoors or outdoors?
    What type of lighting if indoors?
    What are your temps?
    What soil?
    Are you using any nutes?
    What type of container are they in?
    Do you know your PH?
  3. Were they green at first, and now they're yellow? Or have they just not turned green yet?

    I've had seedlings that had yellow cotyledons at first, but after a few days they turned green.
  4. :confused im a newb grower but last night i dropped my phone on my 2 week seedling and when i woke up i found it was dying most leaves are turning brown two small leaves fell off what do i do soil grow by the way bagseed cfl grow

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