Dying seedlings... can't figure out the problem

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jim Dunlop, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Here are some pictures of my plants. I can't seem to figure out the problem.

    Strains: Cheese, Great White Shark, Himalayan Gold, Sadhu
    PPM: 100
    RO Water used
    PH ~ 5.8-6.2
    Botanicare Turbogarden
    400w MH

    The turbogarden is brand new, I have never grown with it and it seems to be harder than I thought. I used to do Rumplebuckets and had great success. It does seem like whenever I get new equipment I have problems.

    I had already planted a batch of 14 seedlings, a mixture of cheese, sadhu and satori and they turned out the same way so I cleaned the system out thoroughly with bleach. There is still clay sediment at the bottom of the reservoir.

    There still seems to be some sort of mold growing as you can see. Also the roots don't look totally healthy, some of them are starting to turn brown, but most of them are nice and white.

    Some steps I should probably take but will have to kill the crop to do so:

    1. Rinse Hydroton in bleach and hot water
    2. Thoroughly clean system again
    3. Pray
    4. Pray some more

    Any more suggestions would really help as I would have to waste these seeds, they are feminised!!!!





  2. i need some help... please, i had to take out 4 seedlings today because of the growth on them.
  3. well for starters (and thats about as much as i know lol) you're not supposed to have the rockwool on the surface like that or mold can grow. as for the sediment, kinda sounds like you didnt rinse the hydroton enough before you used it? anyway you need to clean that out of course. my suggestion would be to take out the plants that might make it and rinse the rockwool and roots with fresh water, maybe just set it in a bowl of it while you clean everything else.

    hope you can save some man. im ordering the gws within a week and wanna see yours make it!
  4. dont know much here, but when i tried hydro recently i had to flush the hydroton 4 times under my tap and let it soak a total of 2 days before i got rid of all the sediment. hes right about the mold too, put the rockwool under a layer of hydroton or cover the top of it to prevent mold...
  5. My problem ended up being my HydroHut. There is some sort of toxic gas that gets released when it reacts with light so I got a refund for it from my hydro store and got a new tent. I will update again when I have good sized plants to ensure that this is the correct diagnosis. Thanks for all the help.

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