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  1. okay so i messed up. I've grown before, but this grow has been nothing but trouble. 3 plants just died at about 7 weeks. they were getting nice. My babies at the time survived. I dont have pics, but the plants completely died. I was trying to figure out if i was a heat issue (i was growing in my closet with a 400 w hps and temps got freakishly high for this time of year to like 90 degrees) or just lack of water (I give each about a cup a day) so i moved them to the basement where Rh is 65% and temps are in the high 60s. Any other suggestions? Both grow rooms are mylared, I'm trying to grow WW in dirt, and now they're downstairs. I have one oscillating fan in a room now, with no exhaust or intake. I really want to keep my shit stealth, even though I own my own place.
    Do you think it was a heat issue and was fixed, or could I just be messing things up hardcore? And is an exhaust completely necessary? Fans are expensive. thanks.
  2. I am experiencing the same issues, my 4" exhaust fan broke RIGHT when i got my clones for the first grow, don't have the money to replace it. Had to invest in a buttload of mini fans to blow on my plants and some old ones that stand up blowing around the room. My temperatures got up to 90 degrees during the day when my 400w HPS was 2' away from my babies, crisped their poor leaves to the core, had to raise lamp a foot and trim browned leaves. Hopefully someone can help us both out and give us some ideas on cheap and quiet ways to ventilate/reduce heat in the grow room
  3. you shouldn't water a plant a cup a day. the pot should be light and fluffy before you water and then noticably heavier after. Usually you don't need to water more often than every 4 days. Your plant isn't going to grow unless it's under 80 so getting rid of the hit is important. The best way is to get an inline fan that is conneted to your light housing by ducting and pull that heat out of your grow area
  4. This.

    Only water when your soil is dry, and then drench it with at least 20% flowing out the bottom.

    This is such a common error, for all plants, my GF was killing her houseplants this way when I met her.

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