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  1. I recently used a home remedy to treat spider mites on my plants using vegetable oil and dish soap. But now my plants look like they're dying. Any way to bring it back from this? Please help!!!!!

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  2. They don't look encouraging, do they?
    Perhaps some sunlight...

  3. I grow them in the sunlight. Natural light. They are all natural. Im trying to make sure they get everything naturally, including their nutrients.
  4. I hope someone can help you.
  5. Me too sir!
  6. Hopefully it'll make new leaves. I've revegged harvested plants and they didn't have a leaf on them but they came back.

    If that's where you're growing them this would be a good time to clean things up around them and do whatever you have to do to get rid of the mites. Good luck with that.
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  7. Thanks! I thought about taking all of the leaves off, but it just now started flowering so I'm kinda iffy about that.
  8. I'm assuming you sprayed it with water to get off the soap. I think I'd just leave the leaves on, perhaps the green parts are still working a little. If new leaves come out then take off the damaged ones.
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  9. My mixture was mixed with water and very little soap and oil. I did re-spray with plain water to get off any residue. But today they looked like this and I'm concerned about them.
  10. You might spray them off again up under the leaves real good, what it left. If the roots aren't dead they might make new growth. But don't overwater them. The roots need some oxygen if it has any chance.
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