Dying Plant ! What Happened???

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  1. Not sure what strain but I have three bag seed all the same strain growing right next to each other they were doing great i was just letting them grow all the same and this one just shriveled up

    also what is that bug

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  2. rest of pics

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  3. Are you feeding them? They look burnt to me.

    Edit: it not they
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  4. Interesting materials;

    I think 'curling' is a sign of nitrogen excess...
    but your leaves just look like they're dying.
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  5. what does this look like

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  6. I haven’t been feeding them anything i put them in some super loam soil from local nursery and they’ve been in that no extra nutrients added
  7. What kind of soil? It seems to be releasing nutes that maybe you didn’t know about?

    If I leave my plants outside they look like that after it rains on them, the water though the live oaks seems to burn them.
    Just my 2¥
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  8. It’s soil mixed with organic compost but they’ve been in this soil for almost 3 months now and there’s been no problems could they just now be releasing different nutes?
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  9. That’s kinda weird.
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  10. You haven't mentioned much about that white material under the dead leaf....
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  11. i only found that on like two leaves and i’m not sure what it is
  12. I see; then that's not an issue.
    And, yet, you have some plants that look fine, right?
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  13. yes two plants right next to it that have had same exact treatment and they are flourishing I am stumped why this happened
  14. Honestly I had some plants that did something very similiar when I went on vacation for a month and had someone else watch them and just water.

    I think it could be a sufficiency personally since you say you aren’t feeding either or maybe another related problem relating to getting the plant when they aren’t thriving or maybe rootbound is another guess but I had them in fabric pots so I don’t think my plants were rootbound. Anyway I fixed the problem by putting the plants in new soil and bigger pot which also makes me think it’s lack of nutes or root room or both
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  15. i don’t think it’s rootball they are in the ground could definitely be lack of nutes cuz i don’t feed them, if it is i hope that doesn’t happen to my other plants right next to it :/
  16. You would do yourself well to listen to Papa Puff.
    white fly.jpg
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  17. I seem to follow you around... learning.
    (heh... I nailed the 'white stuff', right off)
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