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  1. I have 5 plants under a 400w HPS light. they are on their 7th day of 12/12 now. I water them with 200ml of water a day. I burned them a bit with the vegging nutes so I cut back and they started to do pretty good again.

    3 days ago I gave them the first dose of pure bloom pro at 1/8 of the recommended dose so I wouldn't burn them again but it appears that I have more yellowing and dying leaves. I also added 1tbl of molasses to the water. did this fuck up the pH?

    I can't think of what else would be the cause. I use foxfarm ocean forest soil btw.

    I have to wait until tonight to post some pics because I can't expose them to light until 11:30.

    maybe someone will be able to help w/o pics if not I'll get 'em up tonight sometime.

  2. Stop watering them. Soil is to be watered as needed. Not on a schedule. Once you overwater all you can do is wait for it to dry out.

    I let my soil plants get dry before watering. Pot will wilt before dying of lack of water, but you can fix it. You can't fix overwatering.

    Pick your plant up. Feel the weight? Now when yot pic it up each day notice the weight. When it gets where it's easy to lift then water. Not a day before.

    When in doubt, and you know you can check them daily, let it start to wilt.
  3. I can't view pix.

    I've limited memory on this device. I'll try to view them after my BB charges.

    alex efans

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