Dying in veg cycle

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Cocosteele90, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hello stoners n growers,
    This is my first personal growth since ive helped friends and learned a couple of pointers here and there on a couple of grows with great success, my plan is to have mother plants that i can cut clones from, my plants are almost 2 months old in veg cycle, on a 400w 6500k cfl, they were sprouted in hot soil(floragard n18-p10-k20) with bat guano, they where lush green growing fast and big feeding them just ph'd water, i started getting yellowing and necrosys on most of my leaves and growth was stunted by the 3rd week so my thought was that the plant had eaten all its nuts, i fed it with 40% strength of evergreen 2 part base nutes A+B which is 1ml/L or 3.8ml/gallon ppm are at 300 with soft tap water(let it rest 3-4 days for chlorine to evap) every 2 waterings had nutes, the plants got worse and worse leaves started to fall of with the wind and dying on me, 1 plant did unfortunetly, so i did a flush before i decided to transplant them into 2.5gall pots with hydroton at the bottom and a 50/50 cocoperlite mix, they were shocked cause of the transplant but i gave em rhizotonic and they responded very well, new very green growth started very quickly and explosive, yellowing continues tho. Now im giving them half full strength (600ppm, new growth is lush green. Any pointers anybody?

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