Dying Baby Kush Seedlings

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  1. What type of medium; soil or hydro? - CocoCoir
    What brand and type of soil? - CocoTek
    Indoors or outdoors? - indoors
    What strain? Afghan Kush
    How old are the plants? 1-11days
    What type of lights and how many watts? CFL followed by 400w MH
    How far from the lights? 2" CFL - 12" MH
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? RO often
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? None
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? 5.8
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 75F/45%
    What size pots? Cups 16 oz
    Any bugs? Look real close.None
    Any other pertinent info? 
    Very confused.
    Thought I knew what I was doing
    Then, this.
    4 seeds soak 8 hrs.
    Pop after 24 hrs in PT     wow
    all 4 placed in starter plugs
    Emerge and stand tall in less than 24hrs      wow
    plugs placed in 16 oz cups filled with Coir
    first 5 days everybody brite green, first 2 real leaves.
    Close 5000 CFL, stilll humid air
    Day 6 one plant yellows, shrivels, dies
    other 3 plants okay.
    Increase air & water circulation, move 3 to better situation: MH light
    Day 9 all 3 yellow badly
    Day 10 # 3 dies
    Day 11 #2 dies
    Pix: The Final 2 days of the Fab 4 
    I dont know what to do.
    Id like to get a new crop started (4 is the crop) but ..
    Whyd they all die.
    I did what I always do
    Not a varmint.
    Couldnt be nutes
    Water? Nobody ever drowned before
    Should I sterilize environment before re-starting
    Was it something I said?


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  2. You ain't fed your babies and they go yellow and die....?
    The obvious is they have NO food, however most if not all seeds have enough food to grow the first 2-3 weeks, without any intervention from the grower, I'd be looking into the Ph of your water runoff
    Although some brands of cococoir do wash the fine shit out of the product either your water or the cococoir has a Ph in the wack?
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    Your about to need to start feeding. Seed leaves are dying off. Start at 50 - 25% recommended feeding.

    Vostok, I thought 5.8 run off in coco was ok...
  4. Ph Runoff with Coir?
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    Ph runoff 5.9
    ppm runoff down to 495 from 630 after 2 washes
    Thats the ticket
    Dont know what it is
    Dont taste salty
    630 is enough to choke a fuckn whorse
    \tBotanicare - Cocogro Wrapped Fiber Bale 5Kg 
    First time I used it.
    630? Do they pack dead whores in there?
    Not good to sell bad Coco
  6. Ok, I'm hoping that will help out. Watch for nute burn. 630 sounds a bit hit to me but I run floranova

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