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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Well I dont have any weed for the first night in a couple months and im really not liking this....So I did some research...I found some thera-flu powder stuff inside the cabinet and each packet contains 30mg of dxm..I checked all the other ingredients out and it says it shouldnt be a problem if i just dont take too much...Im plannin on takin down two packets orally (which'll be hard to do without throwin up becuz the powder is so fuckin bitter)...which'll be 60mgs. I'll post soon to let ya'll know whats up...If im doin this wrong or if u guys got any other tips please 60mg enough?
  2. sorry man, but that isnt enough at all.. absolute threshold effects are around 100mg

    if you want to be under the influence of something RIGHT FUCKING NOW, your best options are probably either some alchohol, or a recreational dose of caffiene. or both ;)
  3. uuuuuh Dude, Theraflu has aspirin in it. It even says on Did you not read all the ranting phunkphil did in that other DXM thread? Please for your sake go get some Robotussin Max Cough or something like that.

  4. yeh man i really shouldnt rant about dxm so much :smoking:

    he would be fine though even if he took the 2 theraflu.. the aspirin dosage is too small to do anything
  5. yeah, I didnt pay attention to what the amount he was taking was. I just knew that a recreational dose of theraflu isn't good.
  6. lol@trippin on the amount in the directions on the box :)
  7. Ok lemme clear some things up....There is no aspirin I already read about that and made sure. There is however Acetaminophen (1000 mg per packet) but not enough to kill me (hopefully not)..I'm gonna take 4 packets which'll be 120 mgs so......i'll keep u guys updated soon as it kicks in or if i dont feel shit...Im just a desperate weedhead and i dont have any weed and my liver told me to take a week off of this is really a last resort
  8. man i feel for u ....... I barely get like that anymore since I fell into a crowd of dealers but when I was desperate back in the day I'd head to the headshop and buy a case of whippets. couple of those will mess me up enough to be happy for a night
  9. The thing is im out of money right now..So I gotta wait till tomorrow to get some herb...Anyways ya'll where right about this thera flu shit all i feel like doing is passing out right now....guess i'll just try the robitussin.

    brew some tea with around 12 teabags.. might help the dxm trip, and itll give you some extra effects

  11. Acetaminophen is aspirin silly.

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