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  1. I am curious how many other people around here have tried dxm? I ask this as I had one experience with it, was very depressed at the time. It turned into a ten day trip, put it that way, also had very high tolerance naturally. So I was basically taking in excess of 1200 mg dxm a day and totally out my mind. Can anyone beat that experience?
  2. i was on a robo binge where i would dose 1200mg 2-3 a day for a week
  3. Not even close but me and my friend split a 5 oz Delsym and vaped what little weed we had. Best night/day of my life.
  4. i took 900+mg a day along with 750 mg benadryl and 1250mg of dramamine every day for 3 months.
  5. I've done DXM before, but not to that extent. I personally don't enjoy DXM, though I don't regret the experiences I've went through.
  6. 5oz bottle of delsym (900ish mg) 6 days a week for 2 weeks in high school. haha

    should note i had alot of experience before this binge as a kid, so thats why i was able to manage at school and still work and shit

  7. not calling bullshit but i on once took 700mg dxm + 400mg dramamine (8pills) and could not finish a sentance if my life depended on it i seriously would just stutter and words wouldnt come out. i was chopped too but makes no difference.

    my math for ur doses (equivelent):

    23 Coricidin (30mg x 23= 690)
    30 diph benedryl (25 x 30= 750)
    8 dramamine (50x 8= 400) assuming you got the 50mg tabs
  8. yeah man in high school i used to eat like 80 robo pills in the morning and keep dosing up 20 more throughout the day, this went on for like a few weeks at a time i was on a major binge. must have done wonders to my body :S but i dont really notice a difference to be honost
  9. I went on a dxm binge for a few days
    Then I got prescribed to clonazepam
    I guess the two didn't go together well cus I ended up losing all touch with reality, thought I was dreaming and had no idea what the fuck I was doing and threw up on everything in my room
    Then my parents took me to the hospital.
    It was a good experience though cus it was the first time I talked to them about drugs and learned they did drugs anda ll that shit

    Anyway dxm is fun but no your limits and don't mix it with other pills especially if you're not experienced with mixing.
  10. damn, that is borderline retarded.

  11. yah, this was summer of freshman year, my parents thought i was insane... it sucked =[
  12. Ive dosed 400mg (shit) and then 800mg a few weeks later. I enjoyed my second trip but probably wont really do it again. It's just too much for me.

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