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  1. Alright, well I have spent the last 3 hr. reading the FAQ's about DXM on Erowid, so I have decided to try it. I have 5'5" 120lbs. *You have to be 18 to be at this site. You agreed to it when you registered.RMJL*...I want to reach the second plateau this time, and mabey a few weeks later if I liked it, try for the third. What kind of medicine should I buy...I would rather take pills than drink cough syrup. What brand of pills (EXACTLY because I don't really feel like overdosing on another drug and dying) should I get, and how many should I take to reach the second plateau? Thanks, Ryan
  2. your not 16........believe me
  3. From experience, I know that if you take 7-10 corriceden HBP (purple stripe on it) you will reach the first plateau. Anywhere from 10 to 13 or 14, is the second. And any more than 15 you will trip. For the first time, I would recoment you only take 8. It is a great thing, i've never had any problem with it. However, I am an experienced tripper. Ive had bad ones and great ones and i can get out of a bad one fairly easily anymore. Now I know dxm is bad for you and the things in corri. HBP are also bad for you in large doses. But in my opinion as long as you don't abuse the abuse lol they you should be ok. The best thing to do is to go and get some pure dxm tablets. Here, they rent too hard to get ahold of, but i'm not sure about anywhere else. As far as the cough syrup, ive never done it, but from what i understand its the same thing. But anyway, just start off with 240MG or so, for the first time, do not over do it. Bad trips are well....bad....shitty...hell even.
    So if you have to, do it, just be careful.
    I'm Out.
  4. boba you seem to no ur shit, how many ML of like robotusin or nyquil would u have to do?
    ml= mililetrs
  5. Bah, i'm no good at conversions. lol. but 4oz bottle of robo or nyquill should do you in to the second or early third plateau. :)
  6. What company makes pure DXM pills...I know Robitussin does, but what kind of it?
  7. I've never known a 'company' like the makers of robo. or anyone to actually make pure dxm pills. I know you can order them online. just search for them on a search engine. But around here they are still a popular X substitute for the bastards that wanna make money.
    They can be quite easy to come across, but be responsible for gods sake, that shit can really fuck you up.
  8. Well, around where im at I can't get a hold of pure DXM like you can weed or something like that...and I can't really order them from the internet without a credit card, and I don't think I can tell my mom to order some DXM pills so I can trip lol.
  9. its safe to smoke when u do this shit?
  10. "Basically, anything containing ONLY dextromethorphan hydrobromide (DXM HBr). Popular US brands include Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough (and generic equivalents), Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps (the red kind), and generic equivalents."

    Thats from the FAQ section for DXM...so does that mean go buy some Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough pills...?
  11. Then if you really want to do it. Go but a box of "Corriceden HBP" and take 8 or half the box. Then an hour later youre fucked. Either that or go but a bottle of Robotussin. Just make sure on the active ingreadants(sp?) it has Dextromethorpan 30MG. thats 30mg a pill. And it should only cost you around 5 bucks. Keep in mind, the less thats in the active list the better. But good luck finding anything that has just dxm active in it.
  12. Oh hell yea, it great to smoke while on this lol. But thats if you have the motor skills to do so. lol. but yea its safe to smoke on it. I find that it brings my trip back when im coming down, like on shrooms.
  13. That seems like itll work just fine. But there are places where you can get 40 250MG tabs for like 50 dollars. where you only have to take one as to with those you still need to take 8 or so. instead of buying those, i would just go buy some corriceden hbp. its half the price, and as long as you dont do it too often or are not allergic to any ingredients it shouldnt hurt you.
  14. I was going to do that...but then I keep seeing this - WARNING: Recreational DXM users should be EXTREMELY careful to avoid
    products such as Coricidin Cough and Cold which contain active ingredients other than DXM.
    Many DXM containing products also contain other active ingredients which can be dangerous
    or even fatal in high doses.

    So I don't wanna use that kind lol...I found this kind too...this is at all the Walgreens and Eckerds and stores around here, so I will probably just buy some of these...


    So around 250 - 300mg for the first time right?
  15. Yup, 250mg or so and you'll be set. Good Luck and Be careful.
  16. 250mg was my first trip(syrup) and it was really good. Smoking weed on it is highly recommended, I actually only do DXM when I have weed to go with it. I like to smoke about a half hour into it, when youre feeling it starting to kick in. Then, after the joint, you really feel it.
  17. OK stay the fuck away from Corriceden jst stay away from it check the back of anything u take look at the active ingredints if DXM is the only active ingredint down it, but if there is other shit in there jst stay away from it, sure some people will take CCC and say its fine but when u start takin alot of it thats when people die from overdose from the other active ingredints.
    Stick to robo cough gells(walmart, meijer,biggs, kroger, etc)
    or robo max strength syrup
    Remember ONLY DXM
    as far as pure dxm pills there are pills called Dexalone they are sold here in the US but are hard to find (could go the internet route and get them) they are 30mg per pill.
    or u could order the pure powder through a chemical company
    As far as first doses my first dose was a 8oz bottle of robo max and it was a good 2nd plat trip, i would not do under 300mg, u might be alil dissapointed that u didnt take more, trust me i think u will be able to handle 300+ for your first time

    GO to www.dextroverse.org and learn everything about it
  18. Triple c's are for druggies that don't give a crap about what they put in their body, stick with the robotussin. Also check out http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/dxm.shtml for more dxm info, somewhere there it'll tell you how to extract it into pure dxm, I don't think it's too hard either. good luck
  19. I swear to god, I will pistol whip the next jackass who suggests using CCC's, or any form of Coricidin.

    I don't care what kind of medicine you use to do DXM, but make sure the active ingredients list only one thing:

    Dextromethorphan or Dextromethorphan Hbr

    If it lists ANYTHING else in the active ingredients list, DON'T FUCKING TAKE IT!!!!

    I don't understand...with all the information on DXM avaliable to you, how some of you can insist on doing CCC's...not only doing them, but even recommending them to other people! Honestly, it makes me want to tear my hair out....what is wrong with you?! Do your research! Unless you have a death wish, or you've got a personal vendetta against your liver, stay away from Coricidin!!!

    This was not directed at everyone in this thread, merely at DXM users in general who insist on doing CCC's.

    Kudos to the rest of you who know what you're doing first. DXM is not something to be taken lightly. I don't mean to sound like such a bitch, but I don't want any of you getting hurt over this....not only do I care about you personally, but I'm not in the mood to see people abuse DXM and end up getting killed over it...that's only going to lead to it being illegal.

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