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  1. So.. I'm thinking about doing a DXM trip this weekend and I have a couple questions.

    1. What OTC syrup/pills should I use?
    2. How many (what MG) should I take?

    Yes, I've done DXM before, but I think I did it wrong. I ended up getting really sick and it completely ruined my whole entire night. :[ Instead of googling everything, I figured I would ask GC first.

    Also since you can get an upset stomach from the trip, and I'm not good with that kind of thing, do you think motion sickness/anti-nausea pills might help? And I know you can get high off those as well, but I'm just curious.

    Thanks in advance.

    * sorry if this is typed out funny. I'm pretty blown right now.
  2. if you don't care to extract you can pop some gels. do not take anything with chlorpheniramine maleate, doxylamine succinate, acetaminophen or anything other chemicals except dxm. stay away from triple c's medicine, it has the chlorpheniramine maleate that could make you start bleeding from your asshole and dick. so basically use anything from gels to syrups that have dxm as its only active ingredient.... as for dosage, depends on how far gone you wanna get. 600mg should be a good dose. that's around 1 1/12 to 2 bottles depending on the brand. have fun, my friend
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    Take Zicam Cough Max with chasers. I use orange juice and sour warheads in that order to get rid of the taste as quickly as I can after drinking. It is only .55 ounces and contains 391 mg's. That is the ideal amount imo to take. Oh yeah keep the room cool so you don't burn up and chill in bed with music or movies.
  4. This is somewhat a first trip for you so I recommend around 300 mg. How much do you weigh though?

    The best syrup to use (if you can't find Zicam, like me) is Robotussin Cough (comes in a white box with orange lines and whatnot). If you can't find that, the next best thing is CVS's version, Tussin. But make sure you get the cough kind only. Check the active ingrediants and make sure they only include DXM. The other stuff, like Robo DM, has an active ingrediant that clears up mucus. This ingrediant is somewhat bad for you, it'll make you puke easier, and it makes it taste worse, imo. If you get either of these, and you only want 300 mg, the stores carry 4 oz bottles and thats enough.

    If you don't want to taste shit, pop some Robo cough gels. They come in bottles of 20. Thats around 300 mg as well.
  5. Sounds good. I plan on trying it this weekend, if I'm over my sickness that is. and I'll do an update most likely.

    Thanks. :]
  6. OP, what are you looking to feel? do you want to have a high or trip? what you want can greatly effect your dosage
  7. Yeah...

    And also how much you weigh.

    How much do you weigh?
  8. I would check out http://erowid.com before you do anything but from my expiriences vicks 44 dry cough formula has done wonders and my first does was around 400 mgs I believe.
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    For the average person, 300 mg is a good start if you want to get high. If you want to trip 400-600 probably. 600 mg is a good trip for me, but I wouldn't reccomend that at all for a first time.

    It really all depends on your weight.

    Also, when you do it, know what its all about. Prepare yourself like any other trip, even if you don't think you will trip. Make sure you have a good mindset going into it, because trust me, if you don't you'll have a bad trip just like anything else.

    Easiest way to get a good mindset is know how its going to effect you, know that all effects are temporary, and be in a moderate temperature (not to hot, not to cold) and comfortable area. Always have a nice, soft place to crash if needed.
  10. I don't know why people want to take down all this syrup rather than extraction or zicam max cough spray that only is .55 ounces. Gelcaps also have this junk in it. Still can effect the stomach and it bothers my throat to swallow 20-30 of those thick things. You'll give your stomach and throat a favor by not taking down cough syrup or a ton of gel caps.
  11. Gel caps are very easy to swallow and nausea with the syrups is very limited. Id rather not use Zicam becuase its ridiculously hard to find and very expensive if you do. For twice the price, you get half the dose... Doesn't make sense to me, warheads or not...
  12. Gel Caps is $6 for 300mg's and Zicam Max is $9 for 391mg's. They are almost equal in mg's/$. So you lose a dollar. It's worth it I would say as you get no upset stomach. Warheads are awesome anyways so I don't really need to pay an extra expense as I buy them anyways.
  13. Gel caps are $4.50 where I am, and I take around 800mgs a dose, so it is definitely more cost efficient.

  14. They aren't as strong though. Stronger then Delsym but weaker then Zicam Max. 2 Zicam Max's will feel more intense then what you are doing right now with the Gel Caps. It saves a lot of work in extracting imo as it is almost pure dxm already. I only need one Zicam Max to get where I want to be.
  15. I dont extract anything. I buy a bottle of generic tussin either 4oz or 8oz depending on how im feeling, and a bottle of gelcaps. Thats either 660 or 1020mg of DXM, the latter being more expensive and still only $10-11, which is what it costs for ONE Zicam.

  16. I've done those. It makes me nauseated and ruins my trip. The gelcaps bother my throat. I guess you got a less sensitive system. Lucky you but I think many people can't tolerate that. That is where my ideas are a good option so they avoid an unpleasant trip.
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