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    Just took 40 tussin cough liquid gels which equals 600mg of dxm I should be feeling good soon :) (first time with dxm btw)
  2. you will be having a great time shortly...

    so that cost a little over $10?
  3. yea it was a little over $10 at cvs, I was originally looking for Dramamine but couldn't find it so I was like what the fuck why not get dxm since Ive never done it before.

  4. You made the right choice. Dramamine is not liked by about 99% of those who use it. DXM is more like 33% not liked by users. Big difference.
  5. Have a fun trip my friend, may I suggest a few songs? Shpongle- Chucumba, once upon a time in a blissful sea of awarness. Both have caused me to have strong visuals why on dxm.
  6. Ill listen to em right now thanks man
  7. hahah i took dxm for my first time tonight too!
  8. 600mg is a strong amount for first time but that's how much I did first time too and it was the shit soo AHH have fun bro. :)
  9. I gotta say for my first time it was pretty awesome. I didn't feel much til about 2 hours later when i was sitting in my computer chair listening to music when I got a really strong head rush and had get off my computer, as i was walking down stairs I was stumbling an everything was moving which made me dizzy. I ended up going to the bathroom an throwing up but after that i felt fine with a really good head high. I laid down and tried to watch tv but the tv screen was blurry an it was moving around so i just tried to go to sleep. I closed my eyes an had pretty strong closed eye visuals until i fell asleep about an hour later. All in all it was fun and I plan on doing it again
  10. when you do it again you might wanna up your dose or down your dose depending on how you liked this dose and if you hit the plateau you wanted to reach (i'll explain plateaus in a second). i would up it but you can OD on dxm just like every other drug. use this calculator to see what dosages are right for your body weight to determine what plateau you are trying to hit. http://ledahosting.com/~ahughes/DXM/dxmcalc.htm
    glad you had fun
  11. also make sure DXM is the only active ingredient in your cough medicine because some other additives could kill you. if you truly don't care at least check the other active ingredients online to see if they'll agree with your body. there are also extractions for to get pure dxm powder if you would like. lastly, if you don't want to throw up while drinking this disgusting, thick, syrup then i would suggest taking the 30mL cup they give to you on top of the bottle and take a shot then drink water until satisfied that you feel you can take another. i was able to take 20 shots, around 1 3/4 bottles in about 5 minutes :)
  12. So what are the Plateau descriptions for each one or w/e?
  13. DXM can be awesome if you get the right dose and don't use it that often. I prefer it over alcohol.
  14. im gettin some delsym later 1800mg between four people should be plenty for me
  15. Dxm can be very fun, but just make sure you read the label to make sure it doesnt have acetominophen.. that shit will fuck your stomach up, and if you take to much it will make you throw up all that wonderfull DXM.. i speak from experience :)
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