Discussion in 'General' started by ox38776, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. any one know how much dxm i should take...i have a bottle of robitussen at my disposal.
  2. Depends on weight, for your first time if you're around ~150lbs try a half bottle. That's what I did.

    Prepare to get sick if you take too much more than that.

    ...doesn't really belong in growing though.
  3. what the hell is dxm??
  4. its the stuff in cough medicine that makes u trip. it comes in pills too. unless you dipping shit in the tussin, buy pills from now on.
  5. recommended dose by physicians should be on the bottle. youre pathetic, and wrong forum
  6. so let me get this right...you guys are sitting around drinking fukn cough syrup to get high..

    far out..why not grow pot...grow up dickheads...get a frickin life...

  7. I'm so sick and tired of people thinking that just because it's legal and cough medicine that it's lame to do dxm.

    Why don't you try it first before knocking it?

  8. THAT was lame
  9. i apologise for my earlier comment...i was a bit drunk, ill keep my opinion to myself from now on...

    whatever makes you happy
  10. round 2. fight! [ding ding]
  11. it may be a cool high, but just think about what your doing...

    drinking COUGH medicine so that you can alter your consciousness for a little bit... just seems WAY to desperate to me...

  12. the fuck you talkin bout? this is the general forum, ya know, anything in general.

    n as for that one chic always knockin dxm, welp i'm not allowed to talk negatively so i'll just not say nuttin other than heroin was in cough syrup at one point in time, if it still was do u think people would abuse cough syrup for heroin? wouldnt be so bad then would it since heroin is a real drug n all.
  13. i do not always knock dxm...i didnt even know what it was till the other day...

    im always knockin you...arent YOU the one who LEARNT HIS LESSON when he od'd....said he was gonna give up and ride his bmx and shit..

    every thread ive read that u posted from then on has been regarding dxm or some other drug...

    at least you know one day youll have your name in the papers....like the obituaries....


    and yes u laugh too much...lol....
  14. dammnit negligent you always bring out the worst in me...

    so much 4 keeping my opinions to myself...

  15. What was lame about it?
  16. IF I COULD DELTE THIS FORUM I WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. fuck im talkin about? he originaly posted in indoor grow
  18. fa real? oh my bad haha i didnt see any "moved:" things anywhere with dxm in the title, sorry bout dat
  19. I love everyone. Im just a immature 18 yr old punk that dosnt have all his priorities straight.
  20. hey come on guys, why cant we all just get a bong?. geez major bad vibes in this thread.. y do ppl always have to diss other peoples shit? i say w/e ppl wanna do thats their choice... you can tell them if you think its a bad one... but dont just be like "god thats fucking gay" or w/e all these ppl talkin shit are saying. all that will do is make them resentful and angry and often times if ppl talk like that to me ill just do the opposite of w/e they are saying just cuz they piss me off... someone will be like "punk is gay" and the next day ill be blasting it right next to them and be like if u dont like it, leave.... yeah sorry bout the bitchin.. i just dont like ppl who put other ppl down for no reason.

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