Discussion in 'General' started by Namynam, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. For the people who want to trip on DXM, but dont like the sound of chugging cough syrup...


    From looking at it seems like a lot of work though, and i dont know how well it works as i havent done it but i figured someone might find it useful.
  2. i usually leave the syrup out in open air until its sticky, and then pure it on my weed. it makes the weed burn slower in a pipe. helps me when i'm low on weed.. plus gets me pretty fucked up.
  3. wow man i'm sure that's really REALLY good for you...

    just stick to the green
  4. I've never done the stuff myself (yet...), but at my local K-Mart, they've started carrying a product called Dex-Alone. I've been waiting for a store around here to get that shit so I can try DXM. It has 30mg of DXM-HBr per pill and nothing else. Comes 10 pills to a pack at about $4.59. Hoping to get some of those soon.....
  5. if you're gonna try it, try those, nothing with any other active ingredient. tripple c's are terrible. bleh.
  6. Leaving it out until it gets sticky? lol, and you POUR IT ON THE WEED? dude, that's not good for you at all. BTW, the DXM ingredient gets blown away when you leave it out like that, it gets destroyed when exposed to heat.
  7. soucrettes(prbly spelld that wrong) but those are pretty good, its DXM and cornsyrup, triple c's are horrible for ya, they have all that other crap in there.
  8. dexalone is the shit, prolly the best stuff u can take if ur gonna try dxm cuz it has the most amount of dxm, without all the other shit like syrup or antihistamines. buy dat shit, damn i wish i wasnt banned for life from kmart
  9. Ok, I read that site and I got a few questions...
    How long does DXM stick around for before it decomposes, and are there any ways to extend this time?
    When you get your pure DXM, can you just eat it or do you have to dissolve it in something?
    Does anybody know? Im wondering because just recently me and a bunch of friends tried it for the first time, and everybody enjoyed it and wants to do it again. So I wanna see if I can make a good supply of this so we dont have to drinkcough syrup again.
  10. Cmon, are there no DXM "experts" that can answer my questions?
  11. what kinda store has dexalone? (old thread i know but im too lazy to just go looking at stores if they arent going to have it)

  12. use the dxm extraction on this site. at the top of this forum in the dxm faq, second post down. From walmart buy tussin DM, theres 474mg a bottle, this will be fine for your fist time. So just get a bottle for each buddie. And when you get to the end where it says you can boil the liquid to get stuff out, put it in the microwave in a glass glass. (teehee:) Boil it in the microwave untill you are left with not much liquid at all, about a shot. Mix it with a bit of soda and take it like a shot. It is the most bile tasting stuff you will ever have, but its worth it, and only one shot so its alright. hope this helped, just pm me if you got anymore questions... trip balls suckas.

    oh btw, i've done this prolly close to 50 times and you arent going to die lol.

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