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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazer420dl, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. I dont know everybody on this board says dxm is the shit, i guess cuz its easy to get. I would highly recommend getting some shrooms and some weed and having a good ol time wit dat. Im not sure if dxm is that bad, but the shit that is in products wit dxm, like robotussin, are really really bad and fuck up ur liver really bad. The doc told me i could end up dead somewhere if i tried doin that type of shit again. IF u are gonna do it, dont overdo it cuz ill be visiting ur ass at the cemetary.

  2. blah blah blah.. none of that is true.

    occasional use of dxm is nearly harmless, and drinking DXM-only syrup less than several times a day will do nothing noticable to your liver.

    ..people like you only die from this type of shit because you have no idea what the fuck youre doing.
  3. ya, what phil said.

    and a question- would you really visit my ass at the cemetary if i died from robotussin?
  4. hahah, anyone dumb enough to die taking shit like that is obviously an idiot.

    with a little bit of research, which should be a must for any drug regardless of the danger, will show how safely dxm can be controlled and taken safely.

    but dont worry, everyone here should be fine about all that, but thanks for the warning ;)
  5. Ya ur definately all wrong, i have done the fucking shit many times and i know its bad for you. Why the fuck would a doctor in an ER lie to me? thats bullshit, i dont know about dxm, but robotussin is definately really bad for ur stomach and liver. U never noticed the pain in ur stomach the next day? what are u retarted? This isnt even debatable, and no i would not actually visit u at the cemetary, i dont give a fuck, i was just trying to make a point. morons
  6. Yea and who the fuck does robo trips responsably? thats complete bullshit to say you can do that shit 'responsably' if u use it to trip. It doesnt do anything 'noticable' right away. u ever wonder what the long term shit is? nah i didnt think so
  7. you should either post some research or shut up.

    i dont wonder what the 'long term shit' is because i have a pretty good idea of the various effects and side effects of DXM already. you really think they teach doctors specifically about the concequences of recreational DXM use?

    most of your 'arguments' are so moronic and full of holes that im not even going to waste my time.

    but whatever kid, have a nice, dextromethorphan-free life :)
  8. damn right phil

    p.s. blazer i think phil wuold be more of an authority than you on this
  9. i love doing dxm and i havent had any effects yet that have worried me and made me think about not doing it again. i have done a whole shit load of reading on dxm too and nothing worries me too much. as long as you buy the right stuff and dont do it too often you'll be fine.
  10. perhaps the doctor was just trying to scare you?
  11. he is right about the responsible thing. the only way to use it responsibly is to take the recommended dose when you have a cough. be i dont believe in telling anyone else what to do. we shouldnt force our opinions on anyone else that is just not right in fact stupid. we should all have the freedom to make our own choices. so in my book dxm is cool for those who wanna do it.
  12. hey Phil, your title "Its bigger than Hip Hop" You get that from Dead Prez?
  13. Eeeeeeeexelent.
    *bridges fingers like Mr. Burns*

    I just stopped myself from typing a very large paragraph about how great they are. Just wanted to say that their new independent relese, "turn of the radio" (a mixtape of sorts) is sorely dissapointing. They have a song on there (not sung by them, but still) that is so amazingly racist, it boggles the mind.

    Some lyrics: you can call me rasist, a black man in this white world/
    im tired of seeing sellout (n word)s married to these white girls/
    Im knowin they the enemy/
    cant never be no freind of me/....

    I get up all in your face and call yo a straight house (n word)/
    I know you gon' press charges with my pistol in your mouth (n word)/

    he also uses "white folks" interchangably with cops.

    It was mainly that song that truned me off, but it was enough.

    I hope thier new CD is as good as lets get free. That is such a good CD, I partcularly like "happines" and "mind sex"

  14. I trip least 2 or 3 times a week, and I'm still alive. And I have been doing it for years.
  15. Their fucking doctors, in an emergancy ward in a major city, i talked to the head doc. Of course he would know the effects of robo trippin, he has probably seen it like a hundred times, your shit is full of holes, u talk like u know mad shit, and that i should 'do some research', if u need research to tell u its bad, especially after uve done it, then ur the stupidest person on the planet.
    I agree wit someone else that u shouldnt preach and tell peoples what to do, that wasnt my objective, i was just trying to let people know its pretty bad if they fuck wit it, speaking from experience. You wanna robo trip, go ahead i aint telling u what to do
    Phil, uve probably done so many drugs somebody wouldnt be able to tell u the world was round if u didnt believe them. Ur retarted, hey if i knew u, i would buy a bottle of the shit and let u kill urself, thats one less retarted person i have to pay taxes for u po dunk traylor trash piece of shit. Go do some more 'research' Of course u might not be that in reality, but people like u dont deserve any better cuz ur stupid, and offer the world nothing.
  16. I don't think we need to resort to name calling here
  17. you talk a lot of shit man, lol

    for real though, why so hostile?

  18. It's spelled 'trailer'
  19. and yo, can you just mail me a cheque or something for that robo man?

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