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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thegreenlantern, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. this dxm has got me fucked up and i wanna come down
    oh well
    the only problem is that i havent eaten shit all day so im sure that didnt help but hey im probably gonna smoke someone out for the first time tonight so i guess its a good day overall by the way i hate punctuation and capitalization especially when im messed up because i am a lazy fuck thank you and good night
  2. also i already know that this is going to be the thread that nobody replies to
    so im going to go get blazed and stop wasting my time
  3. i always reply to threads named 'Dxm' [​IMG]

    how much did you do?
  4. green im gonna slap you if you ever say ' I want to come down ' again. lol juz j/k

    but man, i've been tryn to go UP! all day to no avail
  5. yeah im up a little too far
    i dunno i went to the school infirmary earlier and they gave me a bottle of cough syrup w/ 4.75% alcohol and dxm in it
    i drank more than half the bottle
    it says each teaspoonful has 5 mL DXM
    im fucked
  6. the bottle is 4 oz and i drank half
  7. yep, i'd think ur pritty fucked up then lol

    pass some of that fucked-upness to me :p
  8. i've always wanted to try DXM...but like, i go to school 5 days a week....and im free on saturdays...whats a good day to do it? and how much? on erowid it said you can like, bleed from your skin or that tipped the scales...

    any info much help. :)
  9. I got bored so I did a search for ya aros
    hears what I gathered

    great site

    dxm is not worth it! it's too dangerous and the high sucks anyway. belive me, I used to do it everyday for a year (in coricidin form) and it caused me nothing but trouble. - The Hempress

    dxm causes brain damage and burns holes in your brain... once i found that out i decided i'll never do 'em again. lol, i like my brain - Cottons

    oh, and less light= more effects

    turning out the lights can easily double my trip

    - phil
  10. thx, im readin that right now.

    i heard coricidin form will fuck you up anyways?!?!? maybe im mistaken...but thanks man.
  11. coricidins have extra bad effects because theres a dangerous antihisamine in them.. DO NOT DO CORICIDINS

    pure DXM wont give you brain damage or 'burn holes in your brain' if you use it in moderation and know what youre doing. read and follow ALL of the advice in the dxm faq and youll be fine.

    you might like it, you might not.. if you do decide to try it, start with a low dose, and smoke some bud with it
  12. yeah im fiendin for that green
  13. phunkyphil, i dont htink im gonan do it, cuz i dont know how to calculate how much i will need...

    and it said somewhere on erowid that a dose of over 50mg can be lethal to some people?

    im scared now. lol
  14. where does it say that.
  15. say phil: all the times I did it were at night, could that have been a possible reason for any bad experiences? It was extremely dark every time, etc.

    I would also feel terrible the next day, and my dilated eyes would be insanely large.

    Think it works better during the day with light or should that have no effect?
  16. its better at night..

    how much did you do?
  17. weird. I always used two bottles of Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough, I believe the 8oz bottles (whatever kind the normal one is).
  18. haha what the fuck man.. you did way too fucking much

    either 600mg or a whopping 1200mg if they really were 8oz

    didnt you read the faq?
  19. It's been awhile, but I did calculate out the amount before I did it per FAQ and erowid recommendations and it was around 600, not 1200. They were definately 4oz bottles in that case.

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