Discussion in 'General' started by gojeero420, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. what are your thoughts on DXM? i dont have any weed and im fiending ot get messed up somehow tomorrow, would you recommend dxm as it is easy to get? would you recommend i do it alone or with someone else? thanks
  2. okay this is kind of wierd.. EVERY SINGLE TIME i dex theres a new DXM thread on the city.. like, EVERY FUCKING TIME. its kind of tripped out..

    but anyways,

    the first thing id recommend is going with a low dose since theyre a lot more fun for just getting a buzz and not having the most intense trip of your life.. maybe between 100mg and 300mg. i dont know if id really RECOMMEND it though.. first of all i dotn really know you or your experiences with drugs, and second, dex is a LOOOOOOOOOTTTT better with tons of bud on hand :smoking:

    at a low dose itll be just as fun with or without company.. it basically just depends on what kind of vibe you want to get from the trip.. at higher doses having lots of people around might be kind of sketchy though

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