DXM Weight Ratio?

Discussion in 'General' started by MCODE, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I weigh in about 205 210 depends
    Im bored as fuck my town has absolutely no weed
    no nothing, so I figure wtf I wanna try DXM
    ive read alot of shit in the past about it
    Anyone have a suggestion as to how much I should
    take for an intense trip.
  2. For your weight, I'd recommend taking about 400-450mg. (For a first timer)
  3. take about 300mg's if its ur first time

    thats 20 robitussin max strength cough gel caps (in a white bottle/package, buy 2 if you can)

    or a 4oz bottle of robitussin max strength cough syrup(but buy an 8oz or 2 if you can)


    8 coricidins (they come in a box of 16)

    the reason i say to buy 2 of the first

    is cuz if the initial dose dont effect you for whatever reason (give it about an hour n a half if you aint already feelin it within an hour) and take more if necessary

    such as if you took 20 gel caps, take 10 more

    if you drank a bottle of robo, drink another half bottle

    if you took 8 coricidins, take 4 more

    alot of people will advise against this one^^

    but if 8 didnt even phase you, you obviously arent at an CPM OD yet, so you got a good bit to go

    once again with the disclaimer: i am not responsible for your actions based on my opinions

    edit: i weigh around 180 by the way
  4. yea 400-500mg is a good dose for you

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