DXM = visual effects?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonehenge55, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. like my title asks does DXM cause hallucinations? if so, sweet! if not well uh i dunno where i was going with the rest of that question. so.. first question. yea, first one
  2. uh so i was thinking about buy Coricidin Cough and co- jk, sorry, im in a sarcastic mood today. to restate my question i meant has anyone on here had visual effects coz ive had people tell me about their experience on a "robo-trip" (robitussun) that was like being on shrooms, but didnt believe them. just checkin my facts. thanx for the info. ps i love erowid
  3. Its a dissoactive, so you dont really 'see' anything. But its definitly a trip. Its weird. Ive had closed eyes visuals though
  4. feels like a dream to me. Basically all the effects erowid describe is correct and what i usually go through,except the hangovers. i have NEVER had to deal with that before
  5. I've only gotten to some mild closed eye visuals even with 1,200Mg...DXM is fun but don't overdo it or use anything with anything but DXM in it as an active ingrediant.
  6. I've gotten full blown fourth plateau trips off of DXM. As in, My reality was almost completely ripped from me for quite some time. So, in short, You can get REALLY messed up on some DXM.
  7. DXM can SERIOUSLY fuck you up. 4th plateau means that you aren't even awake really. You lose all your functions basically and you just have your eyes shut and trip in your head.
  8. so what man, its fucking great

  9. Seriously! Most of it felt like a dream, I had died and gone to hell (yes the walls of my room closely resembled the depths of hell at that point.) My dad (satan) had come to ask me to help him install a doorknob..and after that things just got goofy. That was my only 4th pleateau trip after many many prior and subsequent trips to the third. Dose was 1gram pure DXM powder, YMMV.
  10. recreationally, i keep to high first to middle second, sometimes transition plateaus

    but when i REALLY wanna get down, i enjoy dying once in a while. Basically, i think these experience resemble lucid dreaming just because i am FULL in control of whatever i want to do, even though i am technically conscious, i can make whatever i want happen in my head and see it vividly. i have never had any pure dxm(let alone powder, or is pure dxm only in powder form)

    i would like some just because for me to dose the way i do it, i have to drink a lot of cough syrup and take a lot of cough gels(unless i want to drink delsym but that is not dextromethorphan HBr, it only closely resembles it)

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