Dxm tripping question

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  1. Use Globipop's extraction method. Two 5oz. bottles of Delsym is close to 1600mgs (assuming I did my math right) and you can just divide the powder up and store some for a rainy day. I used it this past weekend and tripped pretty hard on close to 500mgs without any bad taste or nausea.
  2. I tripped very hard off a capsule of the pure stuff, it really surprised me. For the first two hours I was just enjoying listening to music casually, it was euphoric and very chill. After that it just got very intense, a lot of weird and profound visuals just started appearing when I closed my eyes.

    All my thoughts stopped and I just kept sinking into a complete and utter darkness, cool yet eerie at the same time. I got a good 6 hour trip going until it eventually just made me pass out and I fell asleep. Still have 2 capsules left, can't wait to trip this weekend.

  3. I would try not to do it that often. Once every 2 weeks seems like a reasonable amount to do it.
    1. Tolerance builds quick if done often
    2. Some people get addicted
    3. I hear some lose the euphoria if they did it too often
    4. Rough on body. I hear liver, kidneys, and bladder being the specific issues.
  4. Good points, maybe another week would be a better idea......
  5. its really hard to explain trippin dxm, how it exactly feels but it makes me HAPPY
  6. Robotussiin Maximum Strength at CVS... best one out there always has be trippin nicely no other ingredients other than 15mgs od Dextromethorphan just bought some myself xDDD
  7. For a first time, would one 4 oz bottle of Robo Cough(Orange one) be a good introduction right? 345 mg to my maths. I will have weed too.
  8. yeah man, thats perfect!
  9. tussin dm all the way

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