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  1. hey guys, so last weekend i tripped coricidin (full box) and loved it. However after doing research the thought of my brain swelling up and bleeding down my spine doesnt make want to do it again.

    So my question is, i want to trip as hard as triple c's (off dxm) with out using skittles. What is the best product and how much should i take to make it equivelent to the ccc's?

  2. Dont do tripple c's, get Zicam Cough Max. It's like a shot and theres like 380mg of DXM each bottle. Buy like 2-3 if you wanna trip hard. I mix it with a strong drink and chug it.

  3. Agreed. Though I use a chaser (orange juice and Sour Warheads) to get rid of taste.
  4. Do you put the sour warheads in the OJ? Lol, just curious.
  5. THis is one of the hardest products to find in my area and is also very expensive.

    I do not believe your math is correct either. What does the label say about strength? How many mg per what measurement and how much is the liquid volume (55ml right?)

    I would use two bottles of the Robo cough gels, but if thats not something you want to do, drink 2 bottles of Vicks44 Dry COugh 4oz each. That is roughly 720mg dxm and doesnt taste that bad. Or get 2 generic bottles of Tussin.
  6. vicks44 custom cough is what i use, 6oz bottle and tastes great.
  7. In my opinion:

    Robotussin Cough is good, but is hard to find in an 8 oz bottle. But if you do find an 8 oz, that's around 600 mg of DXM.

    Most of the time you will find it in 4 oz bottles. Then you just have to buy two, haha.

    Robo DM is bad though. I mean, the extra stuff will only hurt over prolonged use, but it makes it harder to chug and it tastes worse.

    If you don't want the taste of the shit, you are going to be downing 20-40 cough gels or somehow you will have to find Dexalone (if they even still make it).

    And I've never used this, but if it is better taste, I'd say go for it, haha.
  8. thanks for all the help!

    keep the advice rolling....

    i dont mind taking pills considerin i eat cccs like skittles
  9. I CANNOT find them. I found one once that was generic brand and bought it but it was the last one on the shelf. There's usually an empty space where someone is buying/stealing all of them. Its a trend I've noticed is clearly suspicious. I wish they were easier to find because they would make it easier.
  10. Wal Marts usually have the 4 oz bottles around here. As well as most CVS's. I do see them gone a lot, but these two stores tend to keep them on the shelves. I also don't usually puke when I'm on Robo Cough, but thats no promise.

    Also, another choice would be the 8 oz bottles of CVS's off brand "Tussin." It works too, and is the exact same mg as Robotussin Cough. Its also a thinner liquid but it does tend to give me the roboitch more. Actually, the only time I have had roboitch was on it.
  11. Thats what Im saying, I can find all the 4oz bottles I want but NEVER the bigger 8ozers. If I could find them at CVS that is exactly what I would buy instead of 2 of the smaller ones.
  12. Oh, yeah. The 8 oz are hard to come by. I've actually seen them at one of the CVS's in town and then the next time I went to buy it, they had taken it off the shelf. Not to put it in the pharm, but just because they no longer stocked it.

    But the two 4 oz are fine with me and are the best way to go. One of the times I didn't get sick at all. Also, my hair talked to me. :rolleyes:
  13. just got my 2 zicam max cough spray!

    should be a fun weekend (700+ dxm)
  14. Could you post for me the back of the label? I want to know how many ml are in a bottle, and how many mg of dxm there are for each serving as well as the serving amount. I do not believe those that have done the math on Zicam have done it correctly.

  15. 6 mg per spray, dxm
    380 mg per bottle dxm

    i did two of these bad boys last night at a party and had at first a good trip going, then i got roboitch and was having horrible hot flashes, then cold flashes....it was horrible. sitting parilyzed, i could barely move my body. it felt like i could feel every chemical going crazy inside me. once i threw up i started having fun again but next time im def only doing one bottle. i weigh 175 lbs. and this shit gave me the hardest trip ever...im gunna wait a while to do this again.......
  16. gels are not pills like triple c's. gels are filled with gel haha. sadly nothing will make you trip harder then triple c's because the chemical (the name escapes me) in triple c's actually gives a euphoria. that's how come sudafed is fun, it has the tripl c's chemical giving you the euphoria and a speed high at the same time. btw vicks44 made me vomit.

  17. Agreed. I should've told you 2 bottles is too much. 1 bottle is the ideal amount. It's almost like they planned it perfectly in 1 bottle for robo tripping. :D
  18. Get about 5 BOXES (somewhere around 1100mg) of sucrets lozenges not the ones in the bags or tin. There very easy to extract and the powder doesn't taste that bad just chase it down with some oj. 1000mg should be a strong enough dose to compare to the ccc.

  19. i was tripping balls off a little under 800 mg. cccs are only 480 mg

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