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Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Last night drakn a whole bottle of robitussin maximum strength. i drank it slowly to prevent nausea.. about 2 hours later i felt the effects to the full amount. when i would stand up it would feel like i would float away, same when i ran up the stairs. i was sitting on the computer trying to see if i saw any visuals... that wasnt working so i went to my room and chilled in my bed with the blacklight.. when i would close me eyes i would travel to different locations, the 1st time i closed my eyes i was in my local grocery store.. it felt so real, like i was really there, until i opened my eyes and realized i was in my room only trippin. I realized that if i concentrated hard enough i could choose the location i wanted to go. So me being able to do this, i go to heaven, i start floating to heaven and when i get to the top i see jesus and he is hugging planet earth.. definately a weird sight. Also if i consentrated i could see video clips of whatever i wanted.. so i concentrated on me fucking my girlfriend. The clip of me fucking here was so clear and real looking..

    it was definately the weirdest shit ive ever experienced.
  2. sounds like a crazy fuckin trip mang

    i gotta try that running up the stairs thing, i'm in love with the floaty balloony feeling dxm gives me.
  3. lol when i would open my eyes i would be like wtf?!?! where am i ? and i was in my room.

    it was like i was traveling from different demensions.

    the best way i can describe it is controlled dreams while you're still conscience.
  4. Haha I know what thats like dude. I layed in my bed in the dark blarin techno, and idk but I felt like I was on vacation or somthin lol. The music made me think of a beach an shit. Dxm can be pretty fun
  5. To have open eye visuals you usually have to ingest more than one bottle. My friends used to do 2.
  6. only thing i visualized was a lamp with my eyes open.
  7. The only visuals i've ever experienced was a trail of red squares that flew around the room. I looked this up and this was a 3rd plateau symptom (repeating simple shapes). I had 480mg of dxm.
  8. lol yea its nuts aint it. what size bottle of robotussin did you take? One time i took 1.8 grams of dxm... that was a sight to behold.

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