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Discussion in 'General' started by drumdude, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. If I were to get some Robitussin (Max strength I think, the kind with only DXM and no other drugs in it) how much would I need to drink for a good trip. If I drink that much will there be any side effects such as throwing up?? How long will the effects last? What can I expect from a trip, should I plan on laying down and just enjoying it or would I be able to do some things still (nothing serious, just wondering if I would be able to do things or just lay there). Any tips or anything would be great. I'm doing this tomorrow night. :hello:
  2. dont get the syrup get the pills. For all reason and to save jesus, get the pills. If you get the liquid it will be nasty. Get the pills and you take the whole bottle and you will be good.

    Just take them on an empty stomaqe and walk around b/c the effects feel really weired when you move. Kinda when your really drunk exept better.

  3. Dude, I can't tell you how to live your life, but stick with natural stuff. Weed and Shrooms. I'm almost 40yo and I've seen too many people fuck themselves up chasing stupid highs and trips. It's not worth it. I used to do that stupid shit when I was younger and I'm lucky to still be alive. Didn't you just post about an 8-ball of coke? If that was you, you said not to worry, you wouldn't get addicted. Dude, you are obviously a person that can easily be addicted If you are willing to OD on cough syrup to get a buzz. Do what you want, just my honest opinion.

    I just checked, that wasn't you asking the coke question. Still, stay a way from man made buzzes. Stick with nature's highs.
  4. 20 fan is right. It is best to keep it natrual but I do think (you may not care) that drugs like these if taken smartly, there fun and safe.

    One bottle wont kill ya but any thing beyond that is you man. I once look 2 bottles in school and puked my guts out in class. Came out all pink. HE HE:smoke:
  5. I live an a city of about 100,000. We lose 1-2 H.S. or College kids a year due to ODing on over the counter medicines. Man made shit is bad. MJ and natural is always the safest high. Why buzz on something that in large quanities can kill you?

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